Top 5 Productivity Hacks For Busy Bloggers

Top 5 Productivity Hacks For Busy Bloggers

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with all blogging, social media and graphics designing activities? Don’t worry, every blogger might have faced this challenge in their blogging journey. I hear you. But it’s not at all a big task. Do you long for the guaranteed results of being more productive this 2019? Here I am with you.

Though you know how to grow your blog and to drive more traffic with Instagram, nothing will work if you are not aware of any productivity hacks. So I have listed out for you – Top 5 Productivity Hacks To Rock In 2019 ….. 

Top 5 Productivity Hacks For Busy Bloggers

How do you categorize your day as productive or unproductive? For me, any day when I do the most with less effort and more happiness is the most productive day. My Top 5 Productivity Tips are

#1 Plan Your Day 

I am a big fan of to do lists and write them for almost all tasks like home chores, financial planning, blogging and social media activities. I feel accomplished when I could tick off or strike off of even a single item from my to do list. This acts as a psychological booster for me. And planners  also work best for me. This saves time and make me super productive.

Pro Tip: Use to do lists , reminders, planners like “Plan Smart, Blog Well 2019 Planners”Use this planner to set your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for your blog. Set yourself to turn your blog into a business at the end of the year!

#2 Follow Pomodoro Method 

Have you heard about Pomodoro Technique, a productivity hack or time management method? I was also not aware of it two weeks before. Thanks to freelandphotos, I learnt and started using this method to increase my productivity. Simply put, it’s just breaking your tasks into smaller sub tasks and start working on them. It helps me to concentrate on my work, able to give my full attention and keeps me accomplished.

Pro Tip: Pomodoro Technique 

1. Break your works into two or three smaller tasks (pomodoro).

2. Work on one pomodoro rigorously for 25 minutes. 

3. Take 5 minutes break (short break).

4. Repeat 2 & 3 for other pomodoros. 

5. After completing 4 pomodoros, take 25 – 30 minutes break (long break).

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#3 Balance Your Life And Work  

I often decide to have a break from my blogging for this 4 compelling reasons:

  1. I want to spend quality time with my hubby and son.
  2. A break from the routine
  3. The very need for my mind to refresh.
  4. To explore more about myself and my writings.

This has helped in balancing my work and life.  Also helped me to bounce back and be more productive.

Pro Tip: Take a break, Indulge in your hobby, cook for your family, take a power nap, travel the world.

#4 Automate Your Tasks 

Many of my tasks are automated. I create batch jobs, use templates, utilize automation tools. This will save tons and tons of time for many other works. 

Pro Tip: Start your email marketing with automated mail series using MailchimpGood news is, it is totally free for first 2000 subscribers. Use the Pinterest official scheduler Tailwind to automates all your pinning activities. For Facebook and Twitter scheduling, use the free version of Buffer to auto post your blog posts at best times. For all your blog titles, pins, and all other creatives, use the free version of Canva. 


Top % Productivity Hacks

#5 Track Your Performance  

It’s really important to track your blog and social media performance using various metrics. This will help you to analyse what works and what doesn’t work for you. Thus by, your productivity will get hyped to the next level. I prefer to use trackers and spreadsheets to track my time, growth and income.

Pro Tip: Use Google Analytics to track your blog’s performance and insights and analytics to track your social media and Pinterest performances. You can see the number of page views, visitors, likes, and comments. Bar graph representations of this info will help you better.

Thinking which google chrome extensions to use for your blog? Check out my post on 10 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

What is your killer productivity hacks to rock in 2019? Do share with us…


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