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With this “Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers” series,  I feel extremely happy to feature another kind-hearted and awesome blogger Ms. Vinitha Dileep of ReflectionsandVoid Thoughts. She is blogging about lifestyle & parenting, poetry & fiction that are soul filled. She has more than 11 years of blogging experience.

Today I am very much delighted to feature Vinitha to our readers. We had our chat to know more about her successful blogging journey and her fun side too. Carry on, to enjoy her words of blogging wisdom.

Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Vinitha Dileep


Ms. Vinitha Dileep

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Hello, Vinitha Tell us a little bit about yourself.

VinithaI’m an IT Professional, an accidental blogger, a lover of words and a recent self-care addict. I love stringing words together which I lovingly call a poem. I’ve been blogging since 2008 October, but I’m actively seen in the blogging world only from 2014.

Q1. An ever since moment in your blogger life or your turning point in blogging.

VinithaIn 2014, we moved to Worcester, UK. It was the end of life as I knew it. I wanted to take control of my life and decided to breathe new life into my blog, Void Thoughts, which until then only was used sparingly as a witness to my poetic talents. I googled and landed upon blogher which was an active community at that time. They used to host NaBloPoMo every month and I discovered umpteen number of bloggers adding their links every single day on that page. That probably was the ever since moment in my blogger life. I visited many blogs, studied how they blogged, interacted and had fun. I was scared to interact in the beginning. I didn’t know how to comment. I started Reflections during that time. Those blogs gave me the courage to join in link ups. I still follow the bloggers I met from that time.

Q2. Your definition of blog success.

VinithaIf the writer is having fun writing, publishing and interacting, then it equals to success as far as I am concerned. Of course, consistency and quality content is a must to attract readers.

Q3. Your top 2 regular practices that have helped you in blogging.

VinithaReading other blogs and writing when I get the urge to write. Writing can be boring if you are not motivated enough. Reading is a definite source of inspiration to write. Also, there are times when an idea strikes and I have to write it down immediately or else it’s gone.

Q4. Your motivational factor for your best blog.

VinithaWriting from the heart with a personal touch. And yes, reading my older poems motivates me to write more poetry.

Q5. One relationship who contributed to making your blog.

Vinitha: I guess that would be my husband. Even though I created Void Thoughts in 2008 October and published a couple of posts there, I never bothered to transfer those poems that I scrawled on the pieces of paper that found my way. My husband used to type them in the blog. And he used to nag me to write more poems. The million times I rolled my eyes! I wasn’t even sure that it was right to call what I write, poems. Those were the times when my baby blog had only a couple of readers – my husband and I!

Q6. One factor, out of your comfort zone in blogging.

VinithaDaily blogging. I had participated in some daily blogging activities earlier. But now I find it impossible due to my schedule. Reading and commenting along with blogging daily makes the whole process tiresome and I am not able to find the fun in it anymore.

Q7. A book / movie / person / blog that transformed you.

Vinitha: I read poems by Emily Dickinson quite often. Reading her poems soothes me. It motivates me. I’m sure there are many other books, movies, people and blogs which have influenced me over time. But Emily Dickinson’s poem will always stay with me. I have the book in my google bookstore – downloaded and ready to be read at any time. 

Q8. Your strength and weakness as a blogger.

VinithaMy strength is my love for words and the connections I made through blogging. My weakness would be that I am lazy to do the necessary graphics for a post and usually the post lives in my draft for a very long time for this reason.

Q9. One principle you are proud of.

VinithaStay true to me. I can’t say something just for the sake of it. I would say something only if I mean it. I never do or say things to take advantage of someone or get praise in return.

Q10. Blogging tips to share with your readers.

Vinitha: Write and blog because you love to do so. Don’t just blindly follow anyone, not even the veterans in the blogging world. Find your true passion and voice. And only commit to what you can do. Don’t fall into peer pressure and try to do all the things they do. Just be consistent with your work and you will reap the benefit, slowly but surely.


Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Vinitha Dileep

Bullet Questions 

Best Blog – The one which I go back to read

Best Blogger Friend – Anamika, Parul, Esha, Shilpa …

Best Dream – The one where I’m happy

Best Food – Anything with chicken or fish

Best Book – Harry Potter series

Best TV Series –Friends

Best Life Motto – Where there is a will, there is a way

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Thanks again Vinitha for this open and honest interview sprinkled with a full dose of inspiration. You never failed to make me awe and this interview is the perfect highlight. We feel proud to have you as our Featured Cool Blogger.

Dear readers, please leave your queries, if any, in the comment section and we will try to get them answered by her.

Meet you at next chill chat with another cool blogger !!!


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4 thoughts on “Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Vinitha Dileep – #C3B”

  1. I love this idea of yours Vasantha – featuring cool bloggers. Vinitha is one of the bloggers I visit on a regular basis and ma glad to know more about her through this interview.

  2. I loved reading Vinitha’s answers because they aptly describe my own views about blogging. Well, they had to because if they hadn’t, my name would not have been figuring in the blogger friends list 🙂
    Vasanth, I also see Sunita Rajwade’s interview post here. She is also a person I have kept close touch with in the last 5 years of blogging. Off to read her interview.

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