Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Neha Gupta – #C3B

With this “Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers” series,  I feel extremely happy to feature my blogger friend, Neha Gupta of Sharing Our Experiences. She blogs about Parenting, Crafts, Travel, Blogging Tips, Kids Activities, and Product Reviews.

Though Neha became my friend recently, she is a very close friend to me. And we had our chill chat to know more about her blogging journey and her fun side. Carry on to enjoy her words of wisdom.


Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Neha Gupta



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Hello, Neha! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Neha: I am Neha, reader, crafter, traveler, blogger, in IT by profession and mom to an adorable preschooler and wife to a loving husband.

I love sharing whatever I learn in life so that those experiences may help others. Initially used to write about traveling, then after becoming a mommy started writing about parenting. I love making crafts so a section of my blog is dedicated to that. Initially, it used to be crafted like crochet and quilling, now it is more of Kids Crafts and Activities :-).

With time I realized, I have learned tidbits of blogging so now I also share blogging tips and tutorials and help other bloggers move to their own self-hosted sites.


Q1.An ever since moment in your blogger life or your turning point in blogging.

Neha: Well there are two turning points – one after I became a mom. It gave me a reason to start writing with new vigor and second when I met a group of amazing bloggers. Talking to them made me realize that years of reading has made me aware of some technicalities of blogging which I can share and help others.


Q2. Your definition of blog success.

Neha: When readers get benefitted by what I have written. I will consider my blog a successful blog if it helps people find what they are looking for.


Q3. Your top 2 regular practices that have helped you in blogging.

Neha: Writing regularly and writing about topics that are close to my heart.


Q4. Your motivational factor for your best blog.

Neha: Well I always feel my best blog is yet to come. But if I were to choose amongst what I have already written – It would be Blogging Tips for new bloggers and How to choose the right books for infants and toddlers or maybe my Parenting Mantra. The motivational factor behind my parenting blogs is my son.


Q5. One relationship who contributed in making your blog.

Neha: I could not have achieved what I have without the support of my husband. With a job, baby and family – taking time out for blogging sometimes means taking out time from any of these buckets and I usually blog after my son sleeps. So yes my relationship with my husband has helped me contribute time to my passion for blogging.


Q6. One factor, out of your comfort zone in blogging.

Neha: Blogging is not only about writing but also about spreading the word about the blog on social media. Something that I have learned recently. Handling social media is something which is not in my comfort zone. Odd as it may be but we hardly have pictures of my family anywhere in social media, maybe apart from my profile pics.


Q7. A book / movie / person / blog that transformed you.

Neha: Well there are many books and movies that I love and which have shaped me. But my transformation happened after becoming a mom.


Q8. Your strength and weakness as a blogger.

Neha: Strength – Technical knowledge

Weakness – Social media handling.


Q9. One principle you are proud of.

Neha: Honesty. I make an effort that my blogs are honest and I am writing what I believe. Because words once written or said have the power to transform or touch someone’s lives in ways we can not even imagine. So I feel I have a responsibility, to be honest when I am writing.


Q10. Blogging tips to share with your readers.


  • Know yourself, Be honest and write about something that you want to tell others and it has a potential to help them
  • Write for your own blog. And if you are writing for others, do not do it for free. If nothing else get a link back to your blog.
  • If you are serious about blogging and want to take it seriously, move to a self-hosted site.


Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Neha Gupta

Bullet Questions 

Best Blog  –  About Parent And Kid &

Love That You Can Buy

Best Blogger Friend – Many so won’t be able to name one. I am close to Danisha, Alpana, Shalu and Aesha and of course Vasantha 🙂

Best Dream –  Yet to see

Best Food – Love Pasta

Best Book – Many. But I love “Gone With The Wind” and “Doctors” (Eric Segal)

Best TV series – Castle

Best Life Motto – Whatever you decide to do, Do it well


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Thanks much Neha for this awesome interview. We feel proud to have you as our Third Featured Cool Blogger. Dear readers, please leave your queries, if any, in the comment section and we will try to get them answered by her.


Meet you at next chill chat with another cool blogger !!!


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11 thoughts on “Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Neha Gupta – #C3B”

  1. Writing for the self and not for others resonates with me, Neha Gupta. I always believe that writing reflects the person and the moment we are swayed by audience choice we lose this mojo and USP. Love the interview.

  2. Neha is a super girl!!! Very helpful and a dear friend! It means a lot to me as you mention my blog among your favourites. All this love and encouragement keeps me going. Thanks Vasantha for this interview.

  3. I came to know Neha , I guess, just couple of months back and I instantly felt the connection. Even though we are miles away, she is in India and I am in USA we still keep in touch through phone. I am glad to see my name among her blogger friends. Neha, you too are dear to me. And I wish you success in your writing journey.

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