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She Changed Her Thought And Changed The Women’s Menstruation Blues

Women are powerful if they believe in themselves. Some may say that women are the weaker sex, but I never thought that way. According to me, Red is divine, Red is power. Now Green Menstruation and eco-friendly sanitary pads are the buzzwords. Women’s world is getting green.

To make Green Menstruation a reality and to make more women understand the benefits of cloth pads, Dr. Abhirami Prakash has started Pirai in July 2018, which manufactures high-quality, handmade and cost-effective cloth pads. She is from Sivakasi, a small town of South Tamilnadu.


Dr. Abirami Prakash, educating girl students about cloth pads.
Image Courtesy: thelogicalindian


She’s educating girl students of many schools about cloth pads and its benefits. Also, she conducts campaigns to spread awareness about the health hazards of using commercial sanitary napkins. She is widely spreading menstrual awareness and sustainable menstruation among young school girls and women.

The main objective of Pirai – Brain Child of Abirami is promoting the use of reusable cloth diapers. She makes women bleed proudly. She is a motivational speaker at various women colleges about sustainable menstruation.

Pirai - Green Menstruation, Eco Friendly Menstruation, Reusable Cloth Pads, Sustainable Menstruation

A heartfelt salute to Abirami for spreading hope and light in the hearts of young girl students and women.  Our best wishes for her abundant success and strength in her life.

Do you know any person like this doing dedicated service? What’s your opinion about Green menstruation? Share your thoughts with us ……. Let us celebrate womanhood … If you love #WATWB, you can also join us here.


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