Daily Tips : Wear Bangles

Wear Bangles. Indian women prefer wearing them. Gold, gun-metal,glass, plastic,wooden and anything of its kind. In India it’s custom for pregnant women to wear  set of glass bangles during nineth month of their pregnancy. It aids in the potential growth of baby’s brain.

Benefits of wearing bangles:

  • Improves positive thoughts
  • Makes the brain active
  • Maintains blood circulation and heart beats
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Maintains menstrual cycle
  • Reduces cholesterol and gastric problems
  • Improves immunity

Significance of Color in Bangles :

  • Red  – Energy
  • Blue – Wisdom
  • Purple – Independence
  • Green – Luck or marriage
  • Yellow – Happiness
  • Orange – Success
  • White – New beginnings
  • Black – Power
  • Silver – Strength
  • Gold & Silver – Fortune.
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3 thoughts on “Daily Tips : Wear Bangles”

  1. Delighted to see that you are joining me in my blog … I so enjoy writing poetry, although I just began this repast in February last. I invite you to meander the site.
    I’ve been to India three times in my career (rejuvenated now), and hold a wonderfully warm love for the country, its people and its culture. I’ve been invited into the homes of my formers students parents, and was honored to join a rooftop celebration, complete with fire and the traditional walking around the fire, tossing grains into the flame. I cannot recall the name of this fall festival? Although I’ve been invited to weddings, sadly I’ve been unable to attend – but have been sent beautiful pictures of my students as brides.
    I did go to a bangle market during one visit – and always get compliments on the beautiful ones I bought. It was an amazing market with so many to choose from! I did not know this tradition for the 9th month of pregnancy.
    My very best to you – happy I am to meet you over my morning coffee!

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