Daily Tips : Be A Cheerleader

Daily Tips : Be A Cheerleader


Be  a cheerleader. Family is your team and you always love your team to win. And it’s the best way to strengthen your relationship in a family. Encourage your team as a cheerleader by giving smiles, hugs, high fives, clapping, nasty dance and cheers often.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Tips : Be A Cheerleader

  1. ya ! ri8,if every1 becomes cheerleader then there will be less quarrel and more love among families…

  2. does your own mind creates all these ideas? if yes then hats-off to you ,you have a really gr8 personality,because every1 is philosopher but to become “practical 1” is the real challenge..and you seem to be practical1..congrats…

    1. Hello Friend, Why that much doubt on me …. all posts are my own mind and thats my tagline ” All that linger in my mind”. I keep this promise always ….. thats so special for my Daily Tips … Actually most of the tips are practised and tested by me … If I have borrowed anything from other sources, I would really thank them as Courtesy, Information Source, Photo Source etc., in my posts. Hope I have made proper clarification to you … 🙂

      1. hey,i had asked that just only to be sure,because your tips that i had liked are exceptionally superb and agree with every1,& there are RARE thoughts to which i get agrred as like in your case,& i always anticipates those very much,&i am not doubtful about you,

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