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Mom is a wonderful person to all. No doubt about it. And “This Mom ’s Life” series is dedicated to my mom for her unconditional love towards me. It helped me to meet happily many lovely hearts.

Today we have Janani Viswanathan of Twins & Me with us to share her experiences in ” This Mom ‘s Life “ series. She is a happy mother of twin little boys who’s now four years old. She’s an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by qualification and worked as a Software Professional with Cognizant Technology Solutions for 8 mind-blowing years. She’s a passionate blogger yet the simple person to connect with friends. She has been featured in “The Times Of Amma” blog. I feel a warmth of year-long friendship with her though we are friends only for some months.

 Thanks Janani for your quick and kind response. Here is her voice …

” I am much delighted to be a part of your “This Mom’s Life” series. Your queries kindled my thoughts and brought back many pleasant memories and gave way for a lot of self-learning. Seriously I have never sat back and explored what kind of mother I am? You gave an ultimate thought-provoking session. In fact, I was on a writing spree today. My heart poured out and couldn’t cut it short anywhere”. 

She has poured her heart to our readers. She adds that,

” Before marriage, my only passion was my work, work and work. I had a love affair with Java and my world was so tiny, trapped in a small cubicle, fully engulfed in coding, projects and deadlines every single day.

After marrying the love of my life, my world widened a little. We were two crazy mates not so perfect in everything with divergent likes and character.

I was a bookworm, bad chef, lazy and lethargic wife and super energetic person at work. He was an early riser, too lazy to read books, sports lover, perfectionist, avid traveler and a compassionate partner.

We were different in every aspect and in fact, that was our strength and the secret of our cheerful life. And then came the most precious part, showering joy in the form of our twin boys. I would say, Life had a big twist and turn after that.

The workaholic mamma happily left her much-loved software career, as there were two significant dudes waiting for her care and affection all through the day. From then on I was totally engrossed in Parenting and nurturing my twin joys that I never ever thought about getting back to work.

My little ones were keeping me perfectly occupied right from the day they were born, with my mind and heart always racing around them. I became a lesser Java person and more of a student learning and relishing the different aspects of parenting from my cutie pies all day.

They are 4 yrs old now and I cannot imagine a single day without their fights, cuddle, craziness and impeccable love. And for the record, the lazy homemaker, bad chef and lethargic wife has now turned into a more sincere, energetic, reasonably good chef, wife and mama. The credit goes to my tiny tots; they transformed their mommy what their papa couldn’t do. LoL 🙂

After years, I finally found some ME time and identified my passion for writing. Here again, I couldn’t resist my attraction to anything else other than my kiddos, parenting, motherhood or family. Now I am exploring the new dimension of my life as a blogger at my parenting blog, Twins and Me.

Twins & Me is my little baby which went live on June 2016. It focuses on providing constructive support to twin parents, bringing out the beauty of motherhood and deciphering the art of parenting. Twins & Me’s all time aspiration will be to elucidate refreshing ideas to make parenthood a more adorable and hassle-free journey despite the indefinite social challenges which prevail today.

Till now Twins & Me struggles to gain some attention from their mommy but desperately fails most of the time, as its twin brothers’ carry over all her heed and love. We are close to reaching our first anniversary and mommy has promised to focus more on writing from the second year, as twin bros will be heading into full-time schooling mode”.

  1. What three words describe you as a mother?

Doting, Protective and Stringent

  1. What’s the parenting rule you never break?

Behavior and Discipline should never be compromised

  1. And one rule you do break?

We try making bedtime a routine, but the first rule breaker is mommy.

  1. How do you spend time off for yourself?

Writing articles for my new love, my blog, Twins and Me.

And a short get away from the mommy life, leaving kids in much safer hands (Grandparents). Kids need a break from mommy too. 😉

  1. What’s the best part of your day?

My Evenings. It’s my time for Kids with no distractions. I make sure to set all other work aside to play and engage with them. In fact, they are my Gurus, who are bringing a lot of transformation in me. So this is a quality time which I never want to miss.

  1. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Eating Junk, which I am trying to overcome (I strictly restrict junk for my kids and they don’t know mamma is eating these bad foods)

A date with my better-half once in a while (without kids) We try to catch up some alone time but the moment we leave them and move out, we cannot think anything beyond getting back home soon. 🙁

  1. What five things can always be found in your refrigerator?

Eggs (Time saver and favorite for all), Chocolates (For Daddy and not for Kids), Tomato ketchup (for Mommy), Milk & Fruits (for Twin little bees)

  1. What words describe you as a wife and a mom?

Not so attentive, but an adoring Wife.

Not an ideal, but a better Mom trying to get better day by day.

  1. Do you have a family ritual that you love?

Once their dad is back from work, we have little chit chats every day. He will be staggered, as all three of us will be blabbering the hot topics of the day to him at once.

  1. What are 3 best things you love to teach your child?

Being Appreciative, Kind and Optimistic.

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“Parenting is an art and it should bring happiness, peace and comfort both for the parents and the children.”

– Janani Viswanathan

Words may fail in expressing my gratitude to all moms who appeared in this series. Thanks again all my friends.

Happy to feature other mommy friends also in “This Mom ’s Life”  series …… Interested can mail me at

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Happy Motherhood ; Happy Lifetime

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21 thoughts on “This Mom’s Life”

  1. Nice to know abt Janani and her blog! I can totally relate with her description of being a mom, “Not an ideal, but a better Mom trying to get better day by day.”

  2. Wonderful reading about Twins and me blogger mommy Janani .It must have been a challenge bringing up twins .Wonderful inspiration blogging wise and mommywise to.

  3. I hopped on to Twins and me blog many times but never knew the face behind the lovely Blog. Its great to know such a bubbly personality. Thanks Vasantha.

  4. Raising kids is not so simple. Hats off to this mom for wonderfully parenting twins and still finding time for her passion. Multi-tasking comes naturally to us.

  5. Janani,
    Lovely to meet you here on Vasantha’s blog. Quite enjoyed reading your responses.

    Great initiative and a lovely dedication to moms (and yours too)

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