eBook Review : The Three Flowers By Romilaa

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Title : The Three Flowers

Author: Romilaa of Novemberschild

Designer:  Romilaa

Series: eBook

Genre: Micro Poem

Publishers: Self Published on April 2017 

Length of the book: 23 pages

Book Type: eBook

Language: English

Recommended Age Group: 18+


Source: Soft copy sent by the author for pre-release review



Blurb About The Book: This E-book has 26 Micro Poems on various topics which are not bound by word, stanza or syllable rules and rhyming is optional. Themes remain at the discretion from the humorous and bizarre, to the deeply personal and political.

From the outside, it might seem like an easy option, but those who practice this poetry form know that it is not always easy to get it right and an excellent micro poem requires the same amount of work, and revision, as their lengthier cousins.


My Review: This book is a collection of 26 Micro Poems written for A to Z Challenge. This is her second ebook. I feel lucky to read Roma’s second eBook – “The Three Flowers”. Every micro poem simply revealed her heart. Enjoyed reading each poem twice or thrice, for its vast depth of life reflections. Amongst all, I adore A – Anger, E – Earth, F – Friendship, K – Kisses and L – Love very much. Writing micro poems are not much easy to write, but she did that as a cake walk. I really missed reading her first eBook. But will do it sooner than never. It’s really fabulous work. 

In A Nutshell: Excellent ebook with a heartfelt expression of words and warmth of love.

My Rating: 5 / 5

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About The Author: Romilaa loves writing books which considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. She has written many awards and best titles winning essays, debates, and articles for newspapers-magazines-websites since she was a teenager. She lives in the Biryani city ‘Hyderabad’ with her parents and teddy ear Pogo and stuffed baby cheetah Oreo.


She is a thirty plus blogger who has been around since 2004. She is a voracious reader, e-book author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover who has a huge collection of bags. Music is her passion and you can find her writing most of the time. An extremely friendly, helpful and happy person she is and accepts bouquets and
brickbats on her work. Connection, community and good conversation sit at the very heart of what she does so it goes without saying – She adores your company.

Connect With The Author: @romspeaks.

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored/paid post. It’s an honest review in exchange for abundant love and friendship. But this review is purely my personal opinion.

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18 thoughts on “eBook Review : The Three Flowers By Romilaa”

  1. I love to read e-books. They are convenient to carry and read…

    Micro-poems concept looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing about the author.

  2. Ishieta@Isheeria's

    aah… u got to read them all 1st!!! yes, they are interesting, reveal her heart, while making you look deeper inside yours too! i look forward to the ebook release too.

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