Some Shine And Some Outshine – Meet Srimathi. Kalpana – #WomenAtWork

Some Shine And Some Outshine – Meet Srimathi. Kalpana – #WomenAtWork

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Happy to join with my dear friend Parul by this post. She blogs at Happiness And Food. She has a monthly feature –  #WomenAtWork – in honor and respect of many working women.

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Meet Srimathy. Kalpana – Music Teacher

I am very much delighted to introduce Srimathi. Kalpana, Music and Hindi Teacher to all my readers. She says “Once music and classical music were dreams for me. But now it’s my life”. She has proficiency in  Karnatic Music, Slogams, Bhajans, and Abangs. She also She’s a Music and Hindi Teacher. Her singing will be a mesmerizing moment for those around her. Her voice is such soothing that one will forget all their worries. Really she’s blessed by Goddess Saraswathy.

She teaches “Abirami Anthathi – Poems in which the last word of the previous paragraph will come as the first word in next paragraph”. She says that Abirami Anthathi has solutions and remedies for all worldly problems. She has also learned Sanskrit attracted by its abundant and rich source of knowledge. She’s leaning Abangs – a special song version of Marathi.

She is teaching Classical Karnatic Music, Abirami Anthathi, Sownthariya Lahari, Hanuman Saleesa, Lalitha Sahasranamam, and Vishnu Sahasranamam. She is teaching Karnatic Music and Slogams to nearly fifty students daily. She’s having a music troop titled “Swagatham Radhe Krishna” with her students. This music troop is entertaining with their melodious songs and spiritual stories at marriages, birthday functions, house-warming ceremonies and school annual days.

She has come to this limelight not easily but with many struggles and sacrifices only. Now she’s so happy that life has shaped her only for her best. She celebrates Krishna Jeyanthi in a beautiful manner with her students. Radha Kalyam – one of the events in Krishna Jeyanthi celebrations will be so magical that one could not miss in their lifetime. She’s also interested in art works, paintings and crafts works. She’s organizing a summer camp during this vacation.

Thank you so much madam for being so kind towards us. Really I feel honored to have her today amidst us.

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P.S: My Amma is her student from 2014 and also a part of “Swagatham Radhe Krishna”.

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14 thoughts on “Some Shine And Some Outshine – Meet Srimathi. Kalpana – #WomenAtWork

  1. I appreciate this feature #Womenatwork by Parul. Good to know about Kalpana madam through your blog Vasantha. My sister is a music teacher too and I beleive art is nothing like any other subject (science or maths), it is a gift.

  2. So good to know about Kalpana Ma’am. when I was growing up, I wanted to learn music but never got a chance. How I wish I was born in the present times to be able to explore more interests. Thank you for joining #WomenAtWork, Vasantha. The more bloggers partcipate, the more we bring to light, the lovely stories 🙂

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