5 Smart Ideas For Planning A Memorable Wedding

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Recently we had a grand wedding in our family. Amidst all chaos and confusions, it went well than expected. Based on this recent experience, here we have 5 Smart Ideas For Planning A Memorable Wedding.


5 Smart Ideas For Planning A Memorable Wedding

After all, a wedding function is a one-time event but lifetime commitment and memory. If we plan early, we can easily make the wedding really a memorable one for the couple, friends, relatives and guests. It’s actually a team play. 

Invite Intentionally

Friends, relatives, and guests play the key role in making the wedding a grand success. Select a creative yet authentic wedding invitation. Personalize it with your uniqueness. List the names to be invited. Invite them all intentionally either in person or through mobile. remind them two days before the event. Plan a perfect guest management like hotels, transport, food and return gifts.
Smart Ideas For Memorable Wedding
Cater The Taste Buds
Reaching hearts through the stomach is easier than anything if we arrange a reputed catering service. Decide on the menu with a mix of South and North Indian dishes.  Ensure the quality and quantity of food during the event. Serve kindly and lovingly. Arrange separate booths like Fresh Juice, Ice Cream, and Beeda. Gift them with assorted sweets packed in a decorative way.

Make Moments Memorable

Living in a selfie era, capturing moments become easy and handy too. So concentrate on photography and video. This will last long for cherished memories. organize photo shoots for all guests, friends, and relatives. Have a good number of digital backups. 

Decorate Trendy And Fusion 

Lighting and floral decorations simply amplify the richness of the function. You can also go for a theme based wedding. Have the decorations trendy and fusion. The lighting should be perfect and cool. Add colors to wall, background, and ceiling. 




Fun And Romantic Honeymoon

Discuss with your spouse and select a honeymoon destination. Check also for various honeymoon offers and packages. Plan for some surprise treats. Enjoy your honeymoon with fun and romance.


How To Plan A Memorable Wedding

Hope you find these smart ideas helpful. If you lack time due to work and other reasons, then you have better choices The wedding I mentioned at the start was made more memorable by one of the leading wedding event planners in Chennai. That’s great and wise decision to be stress-free.


How will you plan a wedding? Do you have any tips for making it more memorable? If so, share with us ….. We are very eager to hear you ……



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23 thoughts on “5 Smart Ideas For Planning A Memorable Wedding”

  1. Oh yes, wedding is a once (or twice, or third time’s a charm) in a lifetime event so, it should be made memorable. These are great pointers.
    I like the idea of inviting intentionally. Calling people who matter to you should be invited rather than the whole family tree. Recently, a friend sent e-cards to all and I really liked the idea. Saves so much cost and of course paper too.

  2. It is often seen that in wedding we make so much of preparation that it drains us out. Proper planning, assigning duties to family members is very necessary.
    I liked you mentioned about the photography part. Hiring a professional photographer is a good idea no matter how advance features our phone is.

  3. Your weddit is the most precit day of your life when your life changes.. you always look for ways to make it memoravlet to everyone around you.. thanks for sharing some amazing ideas.. I would pass these to my cousin who is getting married soon.

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