40 Mantras for Happy Married Life


Marriage gives us a lifetime companion. It gives us hope, peace,security, love, life, kids and much more. For some, marriage was made in heaven. They enjoy each other’s company well. But some were not able to survive the problems raised in a married life. So with my 11+ years of experience in marriage, I learnt these 40 Mantras for Happy Married Life. 

40 Mantras For Happy Married Life

  1. Start everyday with kisses.
  2. Select one song as your Love Song.
  3. Discuss only about positive dreams.
  4. Say ” I Love You ” often.
  5. Accept mistakes.
  6. Greet with flowers and gifts for every wedding day and valentine day.
  7. Be positive.
  8. Listen to your spouse.
  9. Be pleasant always.
  10. Give respect.
  11. Laugh together.
  12. Be calm and cool.
  13. Be truthful.
  14. Give trust to your spouse.
  15. Accept differences happily.
  16. Be transparent and frank.
  17. Be firm to accept failures.
  18. Celebrate birthdays in grand manner.
  19. Praise at least two times a day.
  20. Serve breakfast for your spouse.
  21. Call your spouse.
  22. Visit your favorite places together.
  23. Go outing once a week.
  24. Ask what to do to make your spouse happy.
  25. Pray for your spouse.
  26. Understand your spouse’s feelings.
  27. Have gentle friendship with your spouse’s friends.
  28. Try to attend the spouse’s needs immediately.
  29. Act according to your spouse’s wish.
  30. Sort out chores and problems together.
  31. Finish your official works at office.
  32. Plan a holiday trip every year.
  33. Encourage your spouse with your moral support.
  34. Seek old married couple’s advice, if needed.
  35. End each day with soft hug.
  36. Show unconditional love.
  37. Avoid arguments.
  38. Discuss your financial matters before making any decisions.
  39. Give freedom and space.
  40. Support each other during failures.



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