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Why Art & Craft Are More Important For Your Kids? : Guest Post By Suja Dinesh Kumar – #WTFOW Day 6

Welcome to the sixth day of  Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW.

Day 6 (10 Aug/ Thu) – Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview


Today we have Suja Dinesh Kumar aka Sindhuja with us. She’s a loving mom, an author and founder of Passionate Moms. I got introduced with her trough the monthly e magazine, Raising World Children, where we are editorial team members and are contributing on Cultural Parenting. Thanks Suja for kindly accepting my invitation for this guest post. 


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Does your kid make a crafty mess often on your kitchen table?  Tired of cleaning all those glue, paint, papers, glitter etc..? Relax, you are seeing only the mess but not the wild imagination which is in place. Being creative is essential and teaches some important life skills to the kids. Some may regard art education as a luxury but art and craft activities boost the creativity within a kid.  The opportunity of working with arts and craft projects and appreciating visual aesthetics is not only fun but also beneficial. Here are the 5 Reasons Why Arts & Crafts Are More Important For Your Kids.

5 Reasons Why Arts & Crafts Are More Important For Your Kids



Fine Motor Skills & Bilateral Coordination

Most of the craft projects involve cutting, gluing, coloring etc, that means coping with fine motor coordination. Bilateral coordination is using both sides of a body to perform a single task which also required to complete a craft project. Both these skills are essential for leading a day-to-day life like tying a shoe lace, dressing, typing and much more. Many preschool programs encourage using scissors as it develops the dexterity, skill needed for writing.

Team work

Kids love to work as a team (friends or parents) especially while doing crafts which is more fun. Bigger the team, bigger the mess. But, they know how to coordinate and work together. It develops their social skill. Also, a craft activity is the best way a parent can spend quality time with the kid.

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Self Regulation

First and foremost rule to engage in a craft activity is being patient. Yes, projects cannot be completed in a minute. It takes the time to organize and create. At the least, your kids need to wait until the glue dries. So, learning to create comes handy with demonstrating self-control and patience.

Boosts Self Esteem

As our world is growing more and more competitive, self-esteem is an important quality every kid should possess. Completing a craft activity gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. But, engaging in craft projects that suit best with the child’s skill level is very important. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to look for kids that they don’t over challenge them. When the child begins to explore the craft world you can add in more challenges.

Learn from mistakes

Creation is always beyond our hand. Similarly, some craft projects may be a hit but some times it can be messier.  Always, things might not go as we expected. Kids eventually learn this and it helps them to develop the flexibility. It also paves a way to learn from mistakes. As they were the ones involved in creating something they might know which part went wrong. This can help them to better their work next time.


As an Art and Craft tutor, I believe there is no right or wrong way in exploring one’s own creativity! Let your kid’s wild imagination unleash the world of creativity.

Do you think art and craft are important for your kids? What art and crafting tools do you prefer? Please share your kids creative works with us ….. We are very eager ……

Suja Dinesh Kumar

Author’s Bio

Suja aka Sindhuja Kumar is a proud momma, Art & Craft Tutor, Lifestyle blogger and Founder of Passionate Moms. She writes to keep herself sane, more or less blogging about parenting adventures, DIY, craft tutorials & scrumptious recipes that empower every mom to stay inspired and live an elegant life in a creative way. 


Are you interested to write guest post for my readers, please feel free to contact me – I would be pleased to host your post. Actually guest posts help in increasing your readers.

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41 thoughts on “Why Art & Craft Are More Important For Your Kids? : Guest Post By Suja Dinesh Kumar – #WTFOW Day 6”

  1. Great post, importance of art n craft well told, my daughter too loves DIY crafts , I wud soon like to share a post on her crafts , I have started following raising world children

  2. These are excellent points and I totally agree how craft can help in the growth of children. And the most important thing is they learn team work, which will help them later in life.

  3. Art & craft helps a lot in child development. My daughter is passionate about art. She loves DIY craft activities too and keeps doing it whenever she has leisure time. She feels encouraged when I share her work on Facebook.

  4. Definitely important. I would say so, because it showcases their imagination. So many moms use magnets to showcase those artworks on the fridge or steel almirah. 🙂 It makes the kids happy too, to see their loved ones admiring their talent and their effort. It makes them want to be more creative.

  5. Excellent points, Suja. Arts and crafts is definitely a must for kids. It isn’t just fun, it helps in developing creativity and boosting confidence, creating something out of nothing, right? Great post Suja and Vasantha. 🙂

  6. Lovely post Suja and some very valid points there. I am very happy to immerse myself into arts and crafts and often make my gift tags, wrapping sheets ans other things since I believe handmade lends a very special feel to things!

  7. What a lovely article. I totally agree that art & craft help kids to develop a lot many skills apart from just art. My daughters bond over art & craft activities and have developed lot of patience & concentration because of it.

  8. well, Im not great with arts and craft, not a sore either – but never did i give it a thought that it could be so important for children. Thank you for sharing this, thats quite come insight.

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