Respect Your Child : Guest Post By Kavitha Sriram

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Our maturity is always one leg below every new experience we encounter in life. The very purpose of life’s experience is to give us that maturity. However, with every experience not only does the bar of our maturity get raised a little, but even the level of challenges we face gets raised.

– Mahatria Ra

And no need for mention that motherhood is a lifetime experience of challenges and solutions. Experience by experience, challenge  after challenge is how life moulds mother’s maturity.

Today we have with us, Kavitha Sriram. With her natural aptitude to parenting coupled with her passion and dedication to her motherhood has made her a lovable mommy. Here she shares her thoughts exclusively with our readers.

Respect Your Child

Recently, one of my friends, was inquiring, ” My daughter is 5 years old, whenever I suggest her something she simply says, ” I Know” and stops me from speaking anything further. Did you face this situation with your son?” This made me think for a while. My son is 9 years old now. He is a single child.

 My memories took me back. My son was 3 years old at that time. We just bought him a jigsaw puzzle. I told him to look at the picture and join the pieces one by one. He didn’t reply anything back to me. He simply saw the picture for a few minutes, then kept all the puzzle pieces in an order. He found out the central piece from then on simply joined all the pieces to the centre piece. Never once looking back at the picture. I kept quiet, observing everything. He took his time solving the puzzle, but sooner than I expected. This simple incident reminded me that my son had grown up. I think children grow up by doing different things (whether in a right or wrong way).There is never one right way to do a right thing. If we leave our kids to experiment then they may come out with different right ways may be better than the traditional ones. Don’t expect them to be perfect as we have never been and never will.

I think children grow up by doing different things (whether in a right or wrong way).There is never one right way to do a right thing. If we leave our kids to experiment then they may come out with different right ways may be better than the traditional ones.

One of my friends once described this incident to me. She said, once they had to go somewhere out really fast and her 4-year-old son was adamant that he will wear his shoes by himself. They had little time and the child tried for 5 minutes and couldn’t wear. He was not ready to accept any help too. The elders in the home advised simply to pick up the child and leave. The mother was really confused. Somehow she just left the place with the child. she asked me,” How will you handle this situation?” I said” I will allow the child to struggle for 2 minutes. I would sit near the child, without speaking anything to him. I will start putting a pair of shoes to my legs. My process would be so slow that the child if it sees will understand. If it is still adamant then I would praise the child for putting in such a good effort without losing patience and slightly mention the mistake he is doing in the process of putting that shoe”. Even if your child makes a mistake, don’t tell directly as it will damage their self-confidence. An improvement could be suggested in a friendly manner.

Now the relationship with my son is such that we don’t give advice to each other until asked for and never take each other for granted. Please respect your children and their feelings irrespective of their age. Who knows, they could be a much better version of us. Happy supportive parenting.

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Kavitha Sriram, loves writing parenting stories. She loves story telling, the ancient art in India. She writes stories to help parents solve their unspoken problems. Her stories are part true stories and part fiction. She believes in Positive Parenting and hopes her each story helps the parents take one step ahead being a better parent. To read more stories, subscribe to her blog. Your subscription brings her latest stories to your inbox. Do it now. Don’t miss the stories.

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16 thoughts on “Respect Your Child : Guest Post By Kavitha Sriram”

  1. This is wonderful advice.Children never learn to give up till we make them give up.Encouraging and guiding them gently can help us find different ways of doing it right.This is what comes from sharing parenting tips.We learn new things every day.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

  2. Sunaina Sharma

    We have to give the child the space to experiment, and to make mistakes. That is how they learn, that is how we learn to. Sometimes, time might be a constraint but we cannot lose our patience due to that. Loved reading this article.

  3. Holly Jahangiri

    This is solid advice. My own mother reminded me, years ago, that children are not tiny, brain-damaged, adults. Most are born with brains, and lack only the education and life experience to fill them and form connections in them. Trial and error, with the freedom to make mistakes, is how most of us learn best. We parents are there to protect our children from making the sort of mistakes they can’t afford – the kind that are certain to lead to horrific injury or death (theirs, or someone else’s). So long as they can afford the consequences, we’re only meant to lead by example, to guide and suggest, and to get out of their way. They’re not meant to be little carbon copies of us; with luck, as you say, “they could be a much better version of us.” The good teacher is delighted when the student’s knowledge and skills exceed their own.

  4. Children learn in their own way and so important to let them. And so ture that motherhood is a lifetime experience. Very nicely said.

  5. I just loved this post, how beautifully you explained the relationship & expectations from child and mom viz-a-viz. I often say this to my partner, motherhood is a process… it’s an unending learning experience.. Happy to read 🙂

  6. Menaka Bharathi

    Great advice! I have always beleved that just because your child is born from you and is small doesnt give you the right to manipulate them. I believe that ever soul in that has come to this earth has a purpose and you as a parent have the responsibility to show a right path – first by living that yourself and second by giving freedom to the child to choose his purpose in life

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