Coffee Date with Q ……. – #WTFOW Day 7

Coffee Date with Q ……. – #WTFOW Day 7

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Welcome to the seventh and last day of  Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW.

Day 7 (11 Aug/Fri) – If we were  having coffee …….


Coffee is my weakness. I love to say ” I’m a coffee addict”. So how about you having a hot coffee date? 


65/86/9973 – 52.1097 AM –  TRAPPIST-1h Planet

I am simply zapped. I was expecting this for a long time. And hope its the time for things to get revealed after a long wait of some light years. Our mission is to be completed soon. 


75/86/9973 – 27.0675 AM –  TRAPPIST-1h Planet – Yoda TV

Coffee Date With Q


I cannot control my heart beat on seeing the stunning beauty of Miss. Q that much closer. Every person has his own weakness in spite of his greatness. Miss Q looks awesome with 4 multi functional antennas at her head, powerful eyes with scanner and printer attached, mesmerizing smile which codes the mind of opposite persons.


Rumi Quotes About Universe
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Coffee Date With Q


Q: Welcome Sir, Hope you feel comfortable here.

Me: Yes, No problem.


Q: How was your works going on? Have you really found any new planets?

Me: My work was almost going to get completed. It’s only feww minutes for its completion.


Q: You have done quite a lot research about planets and you have invented many new theories about Galaxies and conditions for formation of new planets. So we like to ask this with you, Sir.

Me: Go ahead with your query.


Q: Sir, Whats your opinion about Planet Earth? And what’s your stand for the news – Planet Earth is under Operation X to attack, capture and control our planet TRAPPIST-1h very soon. The Trappistarians were much worried about this attack. Will it be true, Sir?

Me: Sorry Q. I shouldn’t reveal my work secrets.


Q: Oh, that’s good. Then if you were having a coffee with an alien, what will you discuss???

Me: Ha …… Ha ……. Ha ……. ME, If WE were having Coffee ….. Coffee Date With An Alien …….. Ha …… Ha …… Ha ………

The laughter reverberated timelessly all around the universe and the mission got accomplished.


PS: I am Prof. Vasudeva Pillai, Chief Scientist & Operational Head, Operation X, Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, India, Asia, Planet Earth.

PS: Story inspired by the news – “Seven new Earth-like planets discovered around nearby star” and  Write Tribe’s day 6 prompt.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 – #WTFOW.


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36 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Q ……. – #WTFOW Day 7

  1. Truly mind blowing Vasantha. Loved your imagination and the conversation. Coffee date with alien does seem interesting.

  2. Lol Vasantha this one is such a delight i’d say. From description of Ms.Q to how she laughed and the sounds kept traveling eternally – lol. Full on Drama!!

  3. First time on your blog. Continue reading if you’re okay with some honest opinion. I read the story and it seemed interesting. I fished through other posts to see if there were any posts that led to this story, like a build up, or took it to next level, like a climax. There were none. It didn’t fit in the micro-fiction genre too. Though I don’t care about the genre or length, I do like the story to have some meat.
    Could you add some more chapters or a few more dialogues? Or explain me if there was something written between the lines that I missed.
    It’s a fresh concept otherwise and should have a proper story.

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