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Coffee Date with Q ……. – #WTFOW Day 7

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Welcome to the seventh and last day of  Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW.

Day 7 (11 Aug/Fri) – If we were  having coffee …….


Coffee is my weakness. I love to say ” I’m a coffee addict”. So how about you having a hot coffee date? 


65/86/9973 – 52.1097 AM –  TRAPPIST-1h Planet

I am simply zapped. I was expecting this for a long time. And hope its the time for things to get revealed after a long wait of some light years. Our mission is to be completed soon. 


75/86/9973 – 27.0675 AM –  TRAPPIST-1h Planet – Yoda TV

Coffee Date With Q


I cannot control my heart beat on seeing the stunning beauty of Miss. Q that much closer. Every person has his own weakness in spite of his greatness. Miss Q looks awesome with 4 multi functional antennas at her head, powerful eyes with scanner and printer attached, mesmerizing smile which codes the mind of opposite persons.


Rumi Quotes About Universe
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Coffee Date With Q


Q: Welcome Sir, Hope you feel comfortable here.

Me: Yes, No problem.


Q: How was your works going on? Have you really found any new planets?

Me: My work was almost going to get completed. It’s only feww minutes for its completion.


Q: You have done quite a lot research about planets and you have invented many new theories about Galaxies and conditions for formation of new planets. So we like to ask this with you, Sir.

Me: Go ahead with your query.


Q: Sir, Whats your opinion about Planet Earth? And what’s your stand for the news – Planet Earth is under Operation X to attack, capture and control our planet TRAPPIST-1h very soon. The Trappistarians were much worried about this attack. Will it be true, Sir?

Me: Sorry Q. I shouldn’t reveal my work secrets.


Q: Oh, that’s good. Then if you were having a coffee with an alien, what will you discuss???

Me: Ha …… Ha ……. Ha ……. ME, If WE were having Coffee ….. Coffee Date With An Alien …….. Ha …… Ha …… Ha ………

The laughter reverberated timelessly all around the universe and the mission got accomplished.


PS: I am Prof. Vasudeva Pillai, Chief Scientist & Operational Head, Operation X, Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, India, Asia, Planet Earth.

PS: Story inspired by the news – “Seven new Earth-like planets discovered around nearby star” and  Write Tribe’s day 6 prompt.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 – #WTFOW.


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36 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Q ……. – #WTFOW Day 7”

  1. Truly mind blowing Vasantha. Loved your imagination and the conversation. Coffee date with alien does seem interesting.

  2. First time on your blog. Continue reading if you’re okay with some honest opinion. I read the story and it seemed interesting. I fished through other posts to see if there were any posts that led to this story, like a build up, or took it to next level, like a climax. There were none. It didn’t fit in the micro-fiction genre too. Though I don’t care about the genre or length, I do like the story to have some meat.
    Could you add some more chapters or a few more dialogues? Or explain me if there was something written between the lines that I missed.
    It’s a fresh concept otherwise and should have a proper story.

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