Personified Wisdom And The Strength Of Motherhood

While returning home from a skin clinic, I was thinking about a chat I had overheard. A couple was discussing the skin problem of their daughter. The mother seemed to be very worried and was blaming everyone in her husband’s family…



I had gone to the clinic for my treatment. The previous month, we made some changes in our family and decided to use only Swadeshi products. But somehow, that didn’t turn out well for me. I got rashes all over my body and it was very irritating! We had heated arguments at home about the reasons behind those rashes. I strongly believed it was due to the change in my soap. My skin is very sensitive. I have been using only the skin-friendly Dove Soap for the past 15 years. This change didn’t suit me at all. I was under medication and am still not recovered completely.

The pains of itching and the expenses, along with that chat, drowned me in a mixture of memories and emotions. I still have fresh memories of Mithu’s (my son’s) childhood. He was born with a wheatish complexion like mine. The elders in the family were continuously insisting on some “tested” home remedies so he could have his dad’s color. They kept on offering these to me. I was forced to apply some flour on Mithu’s skin, and guess what – he got skin rashes and allergies!

At that time, I was not clear what to do. Whether I should go for elder’s advice, friends’ suggestions, internet inputs, doctor’s prescriptions… or my own instincts. Mithu was under treatment for nearly one month and only then got a full recovery. Ever since that incident, I have always tried to follow my own maternal instincts for my baby rather than heeding any other advice.

From my personified wisdom and the strength that motherhood has given me, I am enlisting for you the pros and cons of raising a child in a joint family:


1.       You are not alone. Always, you can have a support system for your problems and confusions.

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Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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11 thoughts on “Personified Wisdom And The Strength Of Motherhood”

  1. Nice post!
    We have used Himalaya products on our son and we’ve found it to be better than most! But I guess it works differently for different people.

    You are right about too many opinions also! I think we’ve to stick to a few trusted ones and keep seeing if we get results!

  2. I use Dove too, have been using it for so long. Any change makes my skin dry. It’s difficult to live with a sensitive skin. I feel bad that you were asked to apply stuff on your kid for his skin tone. It’s good you listen to your instincts.

  3. any allergy is bad. It just shows that the body is reacting and the change is not good for body’s health. Though my skin isn’t so sensitive, I have a food allergy and that’s no good too.

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