Nostalgic Notes From A Mommy Diary #BarAThon Challenge Day #5

Last Sunday after my hubby returned back to South Africa, all days I was searching, cleaning, and organising our home. Today, when I was sorting out and arranging my hubby’s and my son’s shoes, I was overwhelmed with so many memories and thoughts. Shoes of different brands, for various needs and of multiple colors made me to walk in my sweet memory lane. In fact I would always say that we can run a shoe shop when we retire. That’s a different story…. 😛


Looking into the new branded shoes of Mithu, I could not stop thinking about his first Tiny Shoe used during his early tiny steps.  Those were so little that they could be held right in my palm. Now his shoe size has become 6. How much and how fast he has grown. Always I have a guilt at the bottom of my heart that I missed his early childhood since I was forced to work on those days. He started his little steps during his eighth month. At that time he had a Micky Shoe which sounds while walking. He loved it to the core that he would wear them even inside the house. The sound from them helped my mom, many a times, to track him while she was busy in kitchen and other chores.

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Mithu would say as “Brukaathe” for his tiny shoes and sandals. Even now we will tease him with this word. And sometimes he will ask “Amma, how will I say many things differently during my childhood?”


Once he started to walk without support, we should be running behind him. He would walk that fast. Almost running. And he never allowed us to carry him. He loved to walk more and more. My Amma and Mithu would go for a long walk everyday in the evening. That walk was mainly for seeing me at the street itself when I returned from my work. On some days the walk had been extended from 5 pm to 7 pm since I had more responsibilities at my work place. Sorry, dear …… I made you to wait and long for me …. Really sorry !!!


I also remember the days when he compelled me for walks with him during my holidays. And he used to tell me many stories – some heard stories and some created stories – how sweet were those days. Loving nostalgic notes from a mommy diary.


Now with the same love and longing, I was waiting for him to hear his stories when he return from school. Oh, God, please make him slower in growing as a man since I would love to capture his teen years at least deep in my mind.


P.S : My son has just entered into his teens this July. Still we are sharing many stories, creating many stories and writing many stories…… <3 <3 <3


Are you a Stay At Home Mom or a Working Mom??? Have you enjoyed your child’s first things?? Share your interesting stories with us …. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Submitting this post for #BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today, Day #5 prompt is Tiny Shoes. I’m a part of team Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the other posts or happily participate here.

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30 thoughts on “Nostalgic Notes From A Mommy Diary #BarAThon Challenge Day #5”

  1. I have kept his first t-shirt in the safe. True Vasantha, Kids grow up so fast that sometimes you feel, you failed to catch up.

  2. You just made me nostalgic about my own children. I was working too and was not around for the first step. But, lets say the purpose was to help them steady their steps and then to run at full speed which is more important. Enjoy these few more years of his childhood.

  3. I know Vasantha. I too have kept Arjyo’s first shoes and slippers carefully boxed up in a bag along with his baby clothes as precious memories. As I quit working before his birth, I feel privileged to have been there with him through every little milestone he has achieved and still do, as he is now 12 – The first word, the first walk and the first tripping over or the first hurt after a fall. These are so special aren’t they?

  4. Back when I was growing up, mothers would bronze their baby’s first shoes and keep it as a keepsake. When I tried to do the same for my son, who is in his mid 20’s, I discovered the practice had almost completely gone out of style. It made me sad. Those first shoes are so special; there should be a way to commemorate them.

  5. A mother’s loving post about her love for her son, touching. I miss my son, he is 24 years old and away in college.

  6. Beat About The Book

    What a sweet post overflowing with nostalgia. Like I’ve said before I am a complete hoarder when it comes to the twins’ things. I don’t like to throw away much. There are so many memories to cherish.

  7. I love looking at little children’s shoes and the noisy ones are so entertaining, especially when they’re running up and down the aisle in Church and disturbing the hell out of the priest’s (usually) boring sermon! 😉

  8. Oh, this took me down the memory lane too. The squeaky shoes which AG had not only made him happy and curious but entertained us too! Some beautiful memories have resurfaced. 🙂

  9. Everytime I see my daughter’ s feet, I realize how fast she has grown. Those tiny feet….pottering around doing mischief.!!! Sigh!!! Your post got me all nostalgic… Lovely one indeed

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