Hey, It’s Ok Amma !!! #BarAThon Challenge Day #4

On that day, as usual Mithu got out his school bus and walked with me to home. He was sharing his day at school with me. But my mind was held back thinking something about that morning. Once we reached home, Mithu shouted ” Hey, Amma, you did a big mistake today.  And you were being caught red-handed. What is your answer now??” 

” Hey, Amma, you did a big mistake today.  And you were being caught red-handed. What is your answer now?? ” 

Feeling little relieved, I started giving explanations to him. And finally, I apologised that I will not repeat this mistake again and asked him for any punishment. But simply he said ” Hey, It’s ok Amma. For me it’s not a big mistake, since I LOVE YOU”.

” Hey, It’s ok Amma. For me it’s not a big mistake, since I LOVE YOU”. 

My eyes filled with tears. The same phrase – Hey, It’s ok, Amma –  for which I was a bit harsh to him on that morning. But now it sounds to be different with love, kindness and maturity. Mithu, I learnt and am learning from you, the most of my life lessons.

Come on, to know what happened on that morning, let us sit with a cup of Green Tea and Low Calorie Fibre Biscuits and chit-chat. You know, I’m a health freak …. 😛

Morning Scene :

I enterd into our bedroom very fast and got irritated on seeing the wet towel over bed. I called Mithu and started advising him that he’s not responsible, not understanding, not obeying and blah blah blah. He simply said, “Hey, It’s ok, Amma”. His most favorable mantra. On hearing this, I got more irritated, for this is the most favorable mantra of his dad too.

Then I packed him lunch and dropped him at his bus stop. Once I reached home, I noticed his water bottle and lunch towel were sitting in the dining table just blinking at me. I was much worried for two reasons. First one  that Mithu will be suffering and the other was that I was not responsible, not understanding, and blah blah blah. But my guilty turned into pride on that evening.

Evening Scene : Get back to the start ….. for the dialogues after being caught red-handed by my son for missing to give his water bottle & lunch towels …… I have to accept that sometimes I too make mistakes ….. 😛

After these scenes :

Now I also started using “It’s ok” mantra …. and not to mention it has become our family mantra too … 😛


P.S : This happened when Mithu was 9 years old. Still I’m learning from him everyday and in every occasion …. Thanks dear …. <3 <3 <3

Have you ever been caught red-handed??? And do you have any family mantra??? Share your interesting stories with us ….

Submitting this post for #BarAThon hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today, Day #4 prompt is Caught red-handed. I’m a part of team Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the other posts or happily participate here.

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27 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Ok Amma !!! #BarAThon Challenge Day #4”

  1. Not a family mantra as such, but every time my son fails at something and starts crying I tell him ‘try try but don’t cry.’ He has caught that on now.

  2. Yes, we all make mistakes. What I liked is that your son was so cool about it! And he is a handsome young lad!

  3. Reema D'souza (@ReemaMichelle)

    Kids do teach us a lot, isn’t it? Sometimes it is okay to relax a little. Lovely story.

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  5. A lesson in kindness and humility is a very important one in life and so glad to know your Mithu has taught you that. I learn from my 12-year-old too, and so many new things and so many of my own lessons that I once taught him, come back to me with a new realisation. Amazing isn’t it?

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