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Most Loved Blogging Challenges: Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Campaign And A To Z Challenge- Day 6 Of #BarAThon

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Hope you are enjoying this series about the secrets of three most loved blogging challenges. Today let me introduce Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Campaign and A To Z Challenge.


Blogchatter’s MyFriendAlexa Campaign And A To Z Challenge

My Friend Alexa Campaign

Blogchatter decided to take this up as a community challenge during 2016. And it’s  India’s first Blogging campaign using Alexa and associated tools. 

What Is My Friend Alexa?

Duration: 1 month (1st to 30th September)

What it entails?

  1. Writing 8 blog posts spread across the 4 weeks.
  2. Daily reading – lots and lots of reading.
  3. Networking, discovering new blogs.
  4. Pain, sweat, and blood.


During September every year.

Who? What do you do?

You have to write two posts per week on your blog.

Where To Share?

Link it into the weekly linky on the Blogchatter website.

What can you expect from My Friend Alexa campaign?

1 Maintaining a constant weekly schedule for content is important for a healthy blog.

2 Reading and discovering fresh blogs each month helps in better networking.

3 Google analytics and its numbers can be used to build better strategies.

4 Keyword optimization for broadly three categories can generate enough organic reach to sustain.

5 Using Pinterest organically can push back a lot of traffic.

How many campaigns so far?

The best thing you can do by following our #BarAThon Edition 3 is to register for this year’s My Friend Alexa Season 3. The registrations are now open. Simply fill in the form here and wait for the magic to unfold.

What Hashtag To Use?

  • #MyFriendAlexa


A To Z Challenge


Blogchatter firmly believes that every year, all bloggers must undertake at minimum two blogging challenges to exercise their skills to the fullest and learn about their content and numbers a lot better. So started hosting International A To Z Challenge in India from 2016.

What Is A To Z Challenge?

Daily blogging to post 26 posts. Excluding four Sundays. And lots of BLOGGING and FUN.


During April every year.

Who? What do you do?

You have to write a post daily as per the English Alphabets for a period of one month on your blog. Sundays are blog free days. The posts can be free writings or based on a theme of your choice.

Where To Share?

Link it into the daily linky on the Blogchatter website.

What is the best part of this challenge?

Blogchatter encourages its participants to publish an ebook with their 26 posts. So a great chance for you to become a published author. Also, you can publish your Amazon Kindle Version for the same. Added to this, many exciting and fun activities are guaranteed by the team. And finally, you will receive goodies for your successful completion of the challenge.

What Hashtag To Use?

  • #AToZChallenge

Hope you find this information valuable. Have you ever participated in Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Campaign and A To Z Challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments……. 


My Friend Alexa Campaign


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10 thoughts on “Most Loved Blogging Challenges: Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Campaign And A To Z Challenge- Day 6 Of #BarAThon”

  1. Thanks for inputs on My Friend Alexa. Last year I have witnessed the action from sidelines and was contemplating in plunging into action this year. Though I have registered for it and do look forward to it. Wish I could complete it.

  2. Hi Vasantha, thanks for the info about Alexa. My doubt is: Is this challenge open only to bloggers with their own site? I mean, my site is, so is it open to me?

    Also what are Google Analytics and how to use them?

  3. I totally skipped Pinterest point. Thanks for writing this detailed post. I will try to share every blog post on Pinterest as well. I really want to list by blog there. #MyFriendAlexa #vibhuandme

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