Secrets About Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges – Day 1 Of #BarAThon #MondayBlogs


When I started to blog in 2014, I struggled a lot as a newbie blogger. I was all disheartened and felt almost quitting. Then after joining Facebook groups like Write Tribe, BlogARhythm, and Blogchatter, I began to love my blog. In the meanwhile, I also learned how to grow my blog with all support and encouragement.

Today I feel really honored to be listed in the directory of the 8th edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs released on 1st June 2018. Thus I made an amazing transformation from a professor to a top Indian blogger. With all these experiences in my 4 years of blogging, I can strongly say that my community and blogging challenges have the major impact on my blog growth.

So when the announcement of BarAThon Edition 3 came, I decided to write on the 





Secrets About Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges


For BarAthon Edition 3, I have curated 7 posts to help newbie bloggers to take up these three most loved blogging challenges in their near future. You can expect to read the following titles:

Day 1: My Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges

Day 2: Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words – WTFOW

Day 3: My Participation In WTFOW

Day 4: BAR’s BarAThon Challenge

Day 5: My Participation In BarAThon Challenge

Day 6: Blogchatter’s MyFriendAlexa & A To Z Challenge

Day 7: My Participation In MyFriendAlexa & A To Z Challenge

Day 1 – My Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges


As you can now understand from my titles for this challenge, my three most loved blogging challenges are:

  • Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words
  • BlogARhythm’s BarAThon
  • Blogchatter’s MyFriendalexa & A To Z Challenge


Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges


There are many benefits to take these challenges. So stay tuned to explore these challenges more.


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#BarAThon Edition 3 hosted by Blog-A-Rhythm. 


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40 thoughts on “Secrets About Three Most Loved Blogging Challenges – Day 1 Of #BarAThon #MondayBlogs”

  1. If I were to write this post, I too would write about these very challenges. With this Baratheon, I will have completed all three challenges

  2. I love these challenges too. They are the best, right? I love My friend Alexa but was not very active. And, Bar marks the startinf of my first blog challenge ever. 🙂

  3. My favourite have to be AtoZ n Barathon…. looking forward to rest of your posts V and congrats on the blog listing- that’s a super duper achievement.

  4. It was heartening to read how you’ve survived & mastered these blogging challenges, Vasantha.

    Hoping to read about all of your challenges so far. No wonder your dedicated efforts have blossomed & you’re listed among the top Indian bloggers. That’s really inspiring & your posts are really helpful indeed.

  5. I have done last year’s My Friend Alexa and Wrote Tribe last year and this year’s as well. Writing Challenges are so unique and they literally challenge you and push you to wrote out of your comfort zone. In every Challenge, I try something new like this time in write tribe I tried writing on picture and quote prompts and tried humor fiction.

  6. Blog challenges are a great way to keep up your content on time and keep the traffic coming in to your blog. I am yet to participate in a challenge like this. But I am scared that I wont be able to keep up with the commitment.

  7. April AtoZ Challenge is my absolute favourite. It does wonders to your writing discipline. And I love Write Tribe’s Festival of Words and Bar-a-Thon too, for the camaraderie and the creativity boost that I get through them!

  8. Challenges definitely help in promoting your blog and also helps in making it professionally good. Blogchatter had given me also my first identity in blogging when I started in NOV 2016

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