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Workplaces should be happy places. We all love to enjoy our work and feel satisfied and challenging.When we are energetic and happier at work, we do better.

Nowadays, women have more responsibilities than earlier days. They have to maintain their family and have to earn for their family. Women are supposed to take care of all the family needs. But due to lack of time, they are not taking care of themselves. Only if a woman is healthy and happy that the family will also be healthy and happy. She should master the art of balancing her family and work life.

Follow these 10 simple life hacks to stay energetic in office.

1. Get Up Early

Getting up early will give you more time and energy. Start your day pleasantly by spending some time in your prayers, doing yoga, listening to music, having your cup of hot coffee and get refreshed. Plan your day with a to-do list and mark your priorities. This will help you finish your work on time with zero tension. Personal Tip: When I was working earlier, I had the policy of not bringing my college work home. This spared me a lot more quality family time. I would plan the next day’s cooking in the night itself and get up mostly at 4.30 am. After completing prayer and yoga, I would start cooking while listening to my favorite songs on radio. And I am proud that so far my son has not missed his school bus.

2. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast will provide you the necessary energy for the day. Skipping your breakfast may lead to ulcer problems. Homemade healthy breakfasts are always a better choice. Personal Tip: I usually have only homemade healthy breakfasts. I add fruit juices to my family members’ breakfasts. Milk is very essential for women as it provides Calcium. So I drink two cups of milk daily. Healthy snacks like peanut chikki, corn mixture are my choice.

3. Distance Matters

Distance is a crucial factor for working women. By planning, you can avoid the difficulty of wasting more time in travelling. You can shift your house nearer to your office. This will really help you mentally and physically. Personal Tip: When I got married, I was working in Kovilpatti and my husband was working in Tuticorin. We discussed and decided to settle in Kovilpatti so that I could avoid the burden of travelling. My husband used to travel one and half hours every day for his work. This improved our relationship a lot in the earlier days. I was grateful to him for his understanding.

4. Declutter Your Table

Pleasant ambience at your workplace will certainly help in your performance. Pleasant ambience mainly depends on your work table. Organized table will provide you more positive energy and more time for fruitful work. Smart work is always better than hard work. So declutter your table often and organize it properly. Personal Tip: I always had all necessary stationary at my table. Frequently, I would clear the table. I had separate folders and organizers to organize different documents.

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17 thoughts on “How To Stay Energetic At Your Office – #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. I used to ensure that I work out or play some badminton before getting ready for office. So if it meant getting up a little earlier, I would and then come back, do my chores, send my daughter to school and then head to office. However, I realised that this morning energy routine really helped me stay active even during office.

  2. Very good points for working women, esp. mothers….My friends who have little children to take care of, have felt so exhausted after the day’s work….But is they plan, and if the work-place is closer, it definitely helps them…..

  3. These are such great tips Vasantha! If only getting up was easy as it sounds! I try to get up early every morning and fail at it everyday 🙁

    And it’s so true that women are so much occupied than before, with the office and family work at the same time!


  4. Vasantha, these are good tips. I have my office nearby and go to office only after an hours of jogging. My table is usually cluttered. Will clean it today. 🙂

  5. Agree with the tips you shared. Getting up early and planning ahead works for me. That way I can get a lot of things done without missing anything and without any stress.

  6. Very informative posts. You make some excellent observations here. If only I could manage to get up a bit earlier, though. It’s not as easy as it sounds! 🙁

  7. Those are very practical tips Vasantha, when I bought my house my office was about 17km drive a side but in Bangalore Traffic it felt like some 50 km! So all energy was drained out in driving and sitting in traffic

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