Word Of The Year 2019 – Declutter

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“Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.”

-Yehuda Berg


As you may know, I am not a person of new year goals, new year resolutions and new year pledge. Yet, the idea of “Word Of the Year” is working best for me from 2016. Empathy, Mindful and Minimalism were my words for the previous years. 

Word Of The Year 2018 – Minimalism

I realized that I have a minimalist mindset when I chose the last year word as Minimalism. With that word, I have done a little to minimize 

  • Time Spent In Unwanted Things – To increase the time spent with family and friends.
  • Thoughts and Talks – To be more Mindful.
  • Expectations With People – To have more Empathy and Kindness.

Still, I have to explore Minimalism more for the betterment of my life this 2019 too. As our life is filled with many house shifting, we found it difficult to move our things around. We had 5 house shifting so far. And another one awaits during April 2019. 

Word Of The Year 2019 – Declutter

As we both worked in various reputed firms, we got many gifts as appreciation and token of love. Also, my hubby had the nature of forced buying. So our house is stuffed with many things due to lack of time to organize and unclutter. All these made me finally decide to choose the word of the year 2019 as Declutter.

declutter (verb): to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful.

I would love to remove things and create more space in my life for what truly matters to me. Fewer Things, More Organized. Less Stress, More Happiness. Less Distraction, More Time. Fewer Clients, Focused Work. So I owe myself to reduce

  • Things In My Home – To create more white space and get organized.
  • My Online Presence – To enjoy more with Mother Nature.
  • Mind Chattering – To be present more in mindful moments and to increase my inner peace.
  • Digital Space – To organize and focus for more productivity.

Resources That Helped me

  1. The Art of Tidying Up: A Complete Guide to a Decluttered Life
  2. How to Declutter Your Life
  4. LEO BABAUTA’s Declutter Your Life
  5. 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home


Word Of The Year 2019 - Declutter


Do You Believe That A Word Can Change Your Life? If so, What Is Your Word Of The Year 2019 ??? Do share with us…


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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Year 2019 – Declutter”

  1. I tried minimalism this end of the year and it worked for me. I see no point splurging and buy things only if I need them. I agree. This entire resolution gets so nonsensical and there are some small things that we can do like you’ve put it with word of the year.

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