Tirunelveli Arulmigu Nellaiappar ,Arultharum Kanthimathi Ambal Temple

Tirunelveli Arulmigu Nellaiappar ,Arultharum Kanthimathi Ambal Temple

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Holy Name : Arulmigu Nellaiappar , Arultharum Kanthimathi Ambal Temple

God : Sri Nellaiappar , Sri Venda Valarndhanathar, Swamy Venunathar, Sri Nelveli Nathar

Goddess :  Sri Kanthimathi Ammai, Sri Vadivudaya Ammai, Sri Kamakottamudaya Naachiyaar

Location :Tirunelveli, Tirunelveli District, Tamlnadu, India

Sri Kanthimathi Amman, Sri Nellaippar


History & Importance :

  • The temple complex consist of two huge temples, one for Lord Shiva (Nellaiappar temple) and the other for his consort Parvathi (Kanthimathi Ammai temple). These two temples are linked by a big terraced hall namely Sangili Mandapam that has life sized sculptures adoring the pillars.

  • The main deity of Kanthimathi Nellaiyappar Temple is a ‘Suyambu Lingam’ or a Shiva Lingam which erupted from underneath the earth. 

  • The Nandi mandapam has a fairly big statue of Nandi (the bull God), similar to those at Tanjore and Rameswaram .

  • The unique feature of the temple is the ‘Mani manadapam’ located near the Nandi Mandapam with two giant pillars carved out of a single stone and each one is having 48 sub pillars which produce musical notes when struck.

  •  Other mandapams in the temple include Oonjal Mandapam and the 1000 pillared hall. The 1000 pillared hall is famous for the celestial wedding of Kanthimathi Ammai with Nellaiyappar which is celebrated every year in the Tamil month of Aippasi corresponding to October-November.

  • One of the Pancha Sabha temple. A copper dance hall, known as Tamra Sabha which is made of wonderful woodwork is located within the temple. Lord Nataraja and Sivakami are worshipped here during the Arudra Darisanam festival. 

  • Within the temple premises near the sanctum sanctorium, there is a shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Nellai Govindan) where his idol can be seem in a lying posture. 

  • Only temple in Tamilnadu having 3 moolavars

  • Ammbal’s face can be seen on the Lingam during Abishakam.

  • Temple to represent Shiva and Sakthi are same.

  • Other special features of the temple are : Pancha Dakshinamoorthy, North facing Budhan.

  • This temple is Gandhi sakthi Peedam of 51 sakthi Peedams of Ammbal.

Thala Virutcham : –

Benefits:Relief from Navagraha Tosha, Naga Thosa, Provides Vivaga Yogam, and gives good relationship between couples.



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