Pillayarpatti Karpaka Vinayakar Temple

Holy Name : Arulmigu Karpaka Vinayakar Temple

God : Sri Karpaka Vinayakar ( Lord Ganeaha )

Goddess :

Location : Thirupathur, Sivagangai District, Tamlnadu, India

History & Importance :

Pillaiyar (Vinayagar), the God of Victory is the main deity here in the name, Karpaga Vinayagar

This temple is the only one in Tamil Nadu which contains a 6 feet rock-cut Pillaiyar idol. The Thumbikai of Lord Pillaiyar is curled towards his right side and so the God is also known as Valampuri Pillaiyar. 

  • It is the holy birthplace of Lord Vinayaga 
  • Lord Karpaga Vinayagar is seated facing northern side.
  • There are deities in this temple such as goddess Karthiyayini (who arrange marriages), Nagalingam (who gifts offspring), Pasupatheeswarar (who showers all wealth).
  • Vinayagar Chathurthi is this temple’s most important festival. It is 10 days long.
  • Devotees who observe Chathurthi Fast for a year come to Pillaiyarpatti on Avani Sukkilaptcha Chathurthi day (Festival) and fulfills it. 
  • There is one Pillayar painting, in which Pillayar’s eyes will look at us wherever we stand. 

Benefits: Relief from Navagraha Tosha, Provides health, wealth and prosperity.


Front side of the Temple – Raja Kopuram
Sri Karpaga Vinayagar

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