Tiruchendur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple

Raja Kopuram

Holy Name : Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple

God : Sri Subramaniya Swamy, Sri Shanmugar

Urchavar : Sri Jeyanthinaathar, Sri Kumaara Vitankar, Sri Alaivaay Perumaal

Goddess : Sri Valli, Sri Deivanai

Location : Tiruchendur, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India

History & Importance :

  • Of the Aaarupatai Veetu of Lord Muruga, Tiruchendur alone is situated in the seashore; the other five are hill temples.
  • According to Skanda puranam this is second among the six shrines of Kumara or the Arupadaiveedu.
  • Tiruchendur temple is believed to be a commemeration of Lord muruga’s victory over Surapadman.
  • Lord Muruga is represented in various forms in the temple the presiding deity (Moolavar) beingBalasubramanya or the boy Muruga. The other forms are Shanmugar (Utsavar), Jayanthinathar, and Kumaravidanga Perumal.
  • Any visit to the temple will not be complete without visiting Nazhi Kinaru. The Nazhi Kinaru is a rare natural phenomenon where there is a 14 sq.ft well and inside this well is a small 1 sq.ft well. The water in the larger well has sulphurous smell and is brackish, but the water in the small well is clear and sweet-tasting.
  • Normally, the Raja Gopuram will be in the eastern side of temples in Tamil Nadu. But in Tiruchendur alone the Raja Gopuram is in the western side.
  • Mela Gopuram has nine storeys and it is about 137 feet high above Yalimattam, 90 feet long north to south and 65 feet broad east to west. At the top of the Gopuram the width is 20 feet and the length is 49 feet. To indicate that the Gopuram consists of 9 storeys there are nine Kalasams (sacred copper pots) at the top of the Gopuram.
  • Famous festivals are Pankuni Uthram ( April), Vaikasi Visagam (May – June), Avani Festival (August – September), Skanda Sasti Festival – 7 days (October – November), Masi Festival – 12 days (February – March).
  • Ilai Veeputhi Prasatha Stalam, Mumoorthy Stalam, Gnanaguru Stalam, Soorasamhara Stalam are other significant names of the temple.

Benefits: Guru Parihara temple, Gives marriage and children, Relief from Sevaai Dosa, Guru Dosa. Cures many diseases.



Sea View of Temple


Sri Subramaniya Swamy
The deities of Lord Murugan with Goddess Valli and Deivanai adorning the temple car of Lord Subramaniaswamy Temple Tiruchendur.
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