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Thank you so much my Sister Vidhya for tagging me to this pregnancy experience post.

1. Was the pregnancy planned?


2. Was I married at the time?

Yes, Of Course. 😛

3. Reactions?

Cocktail. Happy / Scared / Worried / Excited / Thrilled

4. Abortion an option?


5. My age then?


6. How did I find out?

Pregnancy Kit at hospital.

7. Who did I tell first?

My sweet friend ie. my hubby Vivek.

8. Due dates?

Only one. July 10th. But the kiddo was so fast. He came to see this beautiful world one week earlier.

9. Morning sickness?

Not so much. But had severe back pain & leg pain.

10. What/who irritated me?

Spices, Dosai Podi, Back Pain

11. And the child is..

A little but naughty boy …

12. Did I wish its a boy?

No. But I had some mind voice telling it was a boy …

13. How many pounds did I gain?

15 Kgs

14. Baby shower?

Yes Traditional.

15. Complications?

Yes. I had Pregnancy  Diabetes so came BP, Anemic …

16. Where did I give birth?


17. How many hours in labour?

8 hours

18. Who watched me give birth?

My family Doctors Mrs. A. Latha, Mr. S. Bharathi Mohan, duty nurses and my sisiter Viji. ( She’s a Physiotherapist. So she wanted to watch a pregnancy live. I gave her that chance. 😛

19. Natural or c-sec?

Yes, natural. Thank God.

20. Pain medication taken?


21. Weight of the babies?

3.40 kgs.

22. What did we name him?

We named him as Shanmuga ( Hubby’s elder sister’s name who brought up him ) Nayagam ( My beloved papa’s name ) ( Jathaga Name ). We named him as Mitesh ( official name ) – one desires less. We wanted him to desire less and give more. But now it is reverse 😛

23. How old is he?

11 years

24. What was my reaction after seeing them first time?


25. Did you cry?


So I am tagging my blogger friends now. And as mentioned by Vidhya, accepting this tag is purely optional.

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Enjoy Parenting … Enjoy Life

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