Simple Ways To Make Your Kids Spiritual

In India, Spirituality  is apart of our daily life. But today in this modern tech world, it’s hard to make our kids to be spiritual. Spirituality can easily be introduced to kids if proper explanation is given for our actions. Starting at the younger age is easier than at older age. Kids will simply follow what their parents teach them. Hence from my mommy experience, here comes Simple Ways To Make Your Kids Spiritual.

  • Prayers
    • Schedule your regular family prayer times. Don’t forget to include your kids. Tell them why many of the ancient civilizations around the world including India considered The Sun and The Moon as Gods. Make them appreciate nature each day. Morning Prayers and Night Prayers are more effective to begin a day and to thank a day . Simple prayers will make them more self-confident. 
  • Use sounds
    • Sounds are good source of positive energy. Many of the world’s religions ring the bell, or other musical instruments during their prayers. It will make them happy for sure. Also ringing bells will break the negative pattern built somehow in our home. The bell sound can make your kids calm and attentive. Also you can play some devotional songs. 
  • Use Agarbathis, Oud, Candles etc.
    • Smell and fragrance are another source of positive energy. This is scientifically proven. You can useAgarbathis, Dhoop Sticks, Aroma Candles during your prayers. Lavender flavor make you calm and relaxed. Ask your kids to select the fragrance of Agarbathis and Aroma candles when you shop next time. The fragrance will fill your home with blissfulness and happiness.
  • Super Brain Yoga
  • Celebrate Festivals
    • Festivals are easy ways to teach Spirituality to kids. Tell them why we celebrate festivals like Diwali, Krishna Jeyanthi, Christmas, Bakrid and Ramzan. Enjoy the celebrations with new dresses, religious rituals, food, friends, wishes and greetings. Through festivals, we can also teach them the value of our tradition, religion and culture. Festivals are easy way of connecting to our religion.
  • Pilgrimage
    • While you plan for picnic or tour during holidays, don’t forget to plan for Pilgrimages. Visit most wonderful temples, churches, and mosques  near your place along with your family. Try to collect the historical importance, significance and benefits of that place and monument. Take many photographs and help your children to make a Travel Diary. Also explain them the science behind the structure of the temple, church and mosque and the positive energy it gives to us.
  • Practice Silence
    • Practice silence at least 10 minutes daily. This will increase the listening, concentration and memory. During that silence time, thank all the happiness of that day. You can also listen to some instrumental music. Silence will give you more power. If kids practice silence before the bedtime, they will have peaceful and sound sleep.
  • Make It Fun
    • Sing devotional songs together. Watch serials or movies that covers epic stories of the past thereby helping them learn our culture. Dress up like Krishna, Radha, Mary, Buddha during festivals. Cook festival foods together. Tell them bedtime religious stories. Read to the them stories from Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bible and Quran. Make albums that tells the life of Krishna, Pilayar, Jesus Christ, and Allah. 
  • Teach By Example
    • Be the role model. Kids learn from their parents more than they learn from books and school. So be aware of your words and actions. Make spirituality as a part of your life.
  • Give Answers
    • Whenever your children ask questions like ” Who is God ?” , ” Where is he? ” , ” Shall we see God ? “, ” What is religion? “. try to give simple answers. Don’t avoid their questions. If you are not aware of the answer, get the help of elderly people, internet, and friends.

So how do you Introduce the concept of Spirituality to your Kids? Friends, share your suggestions in the comment box. Please feel free to share in social media.

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10 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Make Your Kids Spiritual”

  1. the bespectacled mother

    This is a wonderful post about teaching your spirituality to the kids. But, I have a different perspective on spirituality here Vasantha. Majority of the points enumerated above are hardwork for me. For me, spirituality is within and doing the traditionally written prayers, alighting the incense sticks, rituals and festivals are all extrinsic. They involve so much of your energy that you are left with very little or no energy to work on your mind. Being spiritual does not have to entail visiting temples and other places of worship. If one has the right understanding, he/she can practice and preach connection with God from their home with just 2-5 minutes of meditation everyday. It is good to know the mythology and stories behind the festivals and rituals but I consider their practice as religion rather than spirituality In my opinion, religion makes us go round and round in our attempt to connect with God and spirituality establishes a direct route with no deviations.
    This is the first time I am expressing my own views on spirituality and religion and I would not have done that here too if it was not your space 🙂

    1. Hai Anamika,

      What a wonderful explanation for Spirituality !!! Your comment itself is more sufficient as another post. I too agree with you, dear. Connecting with God is always internal and nothing external can help about it. But for kids, i think it’s our responsibility to establish correct environment to make them a seeker. And these ways are for creating that environment. Once a candle is lit, then it will get burnt itself giving light to others. That’s what i intended from this post – to light a candle. Still I have to think more on your points to explore further. Thanks dear for your views. I feel happy that you have expressed it first time that too on on my space. Keep this spirit forever, dear… 🙂

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