How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Using Instagram?

Do you want to grow your blog with Instagram? Let us do it together. Social media are becoming more powerful. They are driving more traffic to your blog than expected. And Instagram is no exception. Most of the social media strategists suggest that you have to research, apply and analyze the strategies of one social media for a month. This will provide a broader road map for your business growth.

And I decided to work on my Instagram profile and strategies from last June. Having tested some trial and errors, my profile got boosted and drove a good traffic to my blog. So to help you grow your Instagram profile, here are my proven steps ….. 

15 Simple Hacks For Using Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

#1 Change To Business Account

Are you having your Instagram Business account? If not, change to business account today. Since its free and provide you with detailed analytics.

#2 Write Perfect Profile

Use wisely the 150 characters to tell your followers about who you are and what you do. Mention your core service or your business in your profile. Add more niche specific hashtags to your profile. Direct people to  your blog and your services using Linktree. It’s totally free. Have a strong Call To Action (CTA) in your bio and posts.


#3 Use All Insta Features Wisely

There are a wide variety of features and updates to grow your profile organically. Poll, Question Stickers, Location Tags, Emoji Slider, GIFs, Story Highlights and IGTV are most popular features. And the recent update is Countdown Sticker. Have you checked it?

#4 Use High-Quality Images

Insta is a visual platform. So eye catchy images and creatives will attract more followers. Use your own high-quality images. Design beautiful creatives and posters using Canva. 


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#5 Create An Engaging Caption

Always people love to know about you and your business through your words. So write meaningful, detailed and helpful captions. 

#6 Create Appealing Insta Theme

Beautify your feed with cohesive visual themes – Filter theme, Pattern theme, Border theme, Puzzle theme or Color theme.  Your profile should reflect your brand. Use only your brand colors, styles and fonts. Personalize your profile with colors, filters, and images.


#7 Use Relevant Hashtags

Use and follow hashtags. Max of 30 hashtags for posts and 10 hashtags for stories are allowed. Create your own branded hashtags. Some of our branded hashtags are #mysweetnothings #vivischoice #bemindfulwithmsn and #vivistraveltales. Prepare a different set of hashtag lists for your niche.


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#8 Post Consistently At Best Times

Post consistently three times a day. Determine the best time for your post to reach the most people (shown in your insights). Tag your friends, brands and some of your niche influencers on your posts.

#9 Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your audience by liking, commenting and reposting their posts. Ask your followers what they struggle to grow their profile and help them. Give shout outs for awesome profiles. This increases your social authenticity. Participate in polls by your friends and followers. Follow top 5 accounts of your niche every week.

#10 Share On Fb And Twitter

Share your posts and stories to other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This will give your profile a wider reach. You can set to auto-share your stories to Fb using profile settings.


How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Instagram

#11 Repost Using Scheduling Apps

Tailwind is the most popular official partner for Pinterest and Instagram. Repost using most engaging posts with Tailwind scheduling app. Get a Free Month of Tailwind using this link. 

#12 Go Live On Specific Days

Go live on best days and best times. With live chat, help your followers to solve their biggest struggles and problems. Select a specific day for your live chat so that your followers can expect your live presence only on those days.

#13 Create Branded Story Highlights Cover

Save your important Insta Stories into highlights. Story highlights are the best way to impress viewers. Create and use cute story highlight covers. 


#14 Host Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are the smart way to attract more followers. Collaborate with high influencing brands to host contests and giveaways on special occasions like your blog anniversary and birthdays of your family members. Gift your followers with discounts, special offers, and gift coupons.

#15 Analyze Your Monthly Insights

Monitoring your insights every month helps you to understand how your profile is performing and how to improve it further. Explore these insight terms.


Followers – The total amount people who clicked to follow you.

Posts – The number of posts you’ve uploaded

Impressions – The number of times that someone has seen your post. Eg: 1 person sees your post 10 times, gives you 10 impressions.

Reach – The number of each individual person that has seen your post. Eg: 3 persons seeing your post 10 times, gives you a reach of 3 persons.

Profile Views – The number of persons clicked on your profile to view it.

Website clicks – The number of time someone clicked to view your website.

What are your killer Instagram strategies to drive traffic to your blog? Do share with us…



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  1. Interesting tips Vasanthaji, Instagram does require time and a lot of effort like everything to excel. Will try to do some of these tips you’ve mentioned. Just that I’m not as active there like I am with blogging.

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