Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple

Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple

Front View of Temple

Holy Name : Sri Mookambika Temple

God : –

Goddess :  Sri Mookambika or Mother Saraswathi

Location : Kollur, Udupi District, Karnataka, India

Sri Mookambika Devi

History & Importance :

  • Historically, the temple is at least 1200 years old. The Goddess Mookambika is in the form of Jyotir-Linga incorporating both Shiva and Shakthi. The Panchaloha image (five element mixed metal) of the Goddess on Shree Chakra is stated to have been consecrated by Adi Shankaracharya. There is an exquisite sculpture of Panchamukha GaneshaMookambika Temple is also known as Kolapura ‘Adi Mahalakshmi’ Temple.
  • Sri Mookambika Devi in the form of Linga is the Adi Shakthi, the Creator and the protector of all forms of life. The right half stands for the Static Conscious Principle as represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The left half stands of the Creative Energy Principle as represented By Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

  • A troll or monster known as Kaumhasura, wanted to get a boon from God Shiva, that, he should not get death from any living being. To disable him from asking the boon Vagdevi makes him dumb. Accordingly he became Mookasura or Dumb troll. Due to this, Mookaasura became furious and wanted to take revenge against the Gods. The Gods could not withstand the trouble imparted by him and sought refuge from Devi. In response the Devi had integrated the powers of the Trimurthis and all the Gods into her to put the Mookasura to death and after that, assimilated into the Linga and now exists known as Mookambike and protects her devotees.
  • The Sanctum Sanctorum which is in a Quadrangular shape has a tower known as Vimana Gopura which is in the Dravidian Architecture. The tower of the sanctum sanctorum is covered by gold donated by local king centuries ago.
  • The statue of Mookambike is very attractive and has four arms. The upper two arms are holding Shankha and Chakra and the palms of the lower two arms are held as blessing the devotees with the Abhaya and Varada Hastha .  On either side of the Mookambika Devi idol are idols of Goddess Kali or Parvathi and Saraswathi.
  • Temple of Mookambika Devi is one of the ‘Seven Muktistala’ pilgrimage sites in Karnataka which are Kollur, Udupi, Subrahmanya, Kumbasi, Kodeshwara, Sankaranarayana and Gokarna.
  • Navaratri or Dussera celebrationsSri Krishna Janmashtami, Music Festival are the well-known festivals celebrated.

Thala Virutcham : 

Benefits: Helps in gaining knowledge, wisdom and excellence in educational pursuits. Gives confidence, concentration and accomplishment. Helps the devotees to improve their education and reap good results in the examination.Bless with Aishwaryam or prosperity and good fortune. Aids in excellent cure for all sorts of ailments. Helps devotees to nurture their business in a profitable way. Helps childless couple to beget children. Marriage obstacles are set right.

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  1. I often wonder how the names of Gods and the way they are worshiped in South India are so contrasting when compared with North India. i believe South India is more religious and spiritual than the North and may be this is the reason why the southern states are somewhat more peaceful.

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