How To Make Your Kids Enjoy Reading

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What did you read today? Do you love reading? Have you visited a library with your kids? How do you help your kids in reading? Here are 9 Simple Ways To Bring Up A Reading Child:

Read Aloud

Kids start listening to sounds even in the mother’s womb. Words have a lot of power. Talking to kids helps to improve their mental ability. You can read to your kids from a very early stage itself. Just read them newspapers, stories, jokes, information and anything that could interest them. M and I would take turns to read books and spend quality time doing so during the holidays.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories of any kind, be they funny, moral, traditional or motivational calm children down and make sure a peaceful sound sleep. Reading stories to them creates a longing for reading in children. These imaginary tales open new dimensions for them to explore. I started telling bedtime stories to M from the age of one, and I’m happy that the tradition still continues with more energy and enthusiasm.

Showcase Books

Like most people have a photo corner in the house, we should learn the art of showcasing books in our house too. Seeing books acts as a motivation for reading. Shop for decorative book holders. Gift your kids books, bookmarks, book coupons and the like. No room in your house should be left without books. Because of this, M loves to take books to his bed than a tab or iPod.

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How do you bring up a reading child ???

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15 thoughts on “How To Make Your Kids Enjoy Reading”

  1. I did a lot of the same things. My son (who is now an adult) jokes that I have more books in my house than many used bookstores have – or is it a joke? Interestingly, though, he does much of his reading online. He is not a book reader, despite the many, many books and stories I read to him and with him.

  2. Alana raises a nice point. With so many slowly turning towards reading online, it is getting harder to get kids these days to really enjoy the benefits of a good printed book and inculcate that habit of reading – somehow ebooks never really has the same effect for me.

    1. I too want to explore more of Alana’s point !!! You are correct Roshan…… The real books are always close to my heart…. <3 <3 <3 I love the smell of both old and new books very much …… It urges me to taste the knowledge treat from it !!!

  3. I did all that for my son during his growing up years. Now that he is a teenager, he reads but not as much as I’d like him to read. Hope he picks this one habit from me seriously 🙂

  4. Such simple suggestions but they truly work! I am so grateful that my children both caught my love of reading. I’m visiting from Literacy Musing Mondays. I think this is my 1st time here, so … “Nice to meet you!”

  5. I have books all throughout the house. I am a little saddened as my three year old has destroyed some of them. I am working with him to love the books and not treat them so terribly. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips with the readers at Literacy Musing Mondays! I hope you’ll share more with us.

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