Gratitude : My Root Of Joy ….. #GratitudeCircleBlogHop

[ctt template=”8″ link=”W1nrJ” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]\”Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow\”. – Melody Beattie[/ctt]

Gratitude give happiness
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Saying THANK YOU at the end of the day reminds me that I’m truly grateful beyond measures for being alive, healthy, happy and able to continue my life journey.

It reminds me that I have been blessed with wonderful life filled with beauty and unconditional love of my son, my better half, family, friends and boundless possibilities greater than any struggle or challenge that I’ve ever faced. Highlights of my gratitude moments for May 2017 :

…… My Sweet Nothings was totally down for almost ten days during May 2017. The reason was adding some theme and plugins. I was annoyed like anything. In spite of all hardships and struggles, the site was made up without any data loss. Feeling much grateful for the support and assistance given by HostMyBlog Team, Much thanks goes to Raj and his support team.

……. Really excited on gaining nearly 200 followers on Instagram in a month. Feeling accomplished with a total of 2100 followers for MSN.

…….   I was suffering from skin allergy since January. Had treatments at various skin clinics. But all went in vain. Lastly I had treated at Thirunelveli Leela Clinic. Feeling much better now. Sincere thanks to my family members for their unconditional love and care towards me during those sick days.

……. Very much delighted to win some Amazon gift vouchers and beautiful Journal for various Mother’s Day contests and  events.

writing journal
Beautiful Writing Journal

…… Not to mention how much excited I would be on the day when my blog got approval for Google Adsense after three attempts.

…… Had the fifth mottai ( Tonsure ) function for my son. We made a wish to have mottai at Arupadai Veedu – Six Abodes of Murugan. Completed five and yet one to go.

After Tonsure Function At Pazhamudhirchozalai

….. Recognition and appreciation for our hard efforts will sure be an encouragement for doing more in future. Feeling happy for being featured by Puspa, Romila, and Ishieta. My first post 7 Storytelling Hacks – Introducing Kids To Cultural Stories” got published in monthly e-magazine “Raising World Children”.

….. Friends always support us for many causes. And this month I was feeling much awe on meeting my friends after 22 years in a friend’s family function. Thanks, Hema for this loving invite.

After a tasty lunch at Madurai function

….. Happy to fill the hearts and tummies of my family since the cook went on a long leave.

Gratitude for food


And I am grateful that my gratitude list grows exponentially every month …. Thank God for keeping me blessed always…… And what are you grateful for today???

What Are You Grateful For?
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60 thoughts on “Gratitude : My Root Of Joy ….. #GratitudeCircleBlogHop”

  1. I loved all that you mentioned Vasantha .Winning gifts feel great.Plus appreciation by fellow bloggers makes me very happy too.Congratulations on your son’s tonsure ceremony.Keep blogging and sharing your stories with us on #ThankfulThursdays

  2. Ishieta@Isheeria

    What a lovely post. You always find such joy in simple things. Its wonderful. Thank you for being a part of my birthday celebrations and making it a hapoy occasion. Cheers!

  3. This is such a happy post, ViVi!
    That meal looks scrumptious! Hope your skin allergy heals completely very soon.
    Congratulations on the vouchers and diary! Wishing you more gifts and good times:)

  4. Hey vasantha! HOW is Hostmyblog service? How was the transition from WordPress blog to self hosting blog .. was it smooth? Good going on INSTA.. I can see you lot there. Delicious food dear .. tempting for some South Indian dish now .

  5. This is so lovely, Vasantha. Gratitude posts have a way of filling us with warmth and happiness. Good to know that your blog troubles were sorted and so were your skin issues. Congrats on gaining more followers. Wish you a happy June.

  6. It’s so good to focus on what’s going RIGHT in our lives; I firmly believe we all have a balance, but focusing on the good tends to make us notice more of it and seems to bring in more goodness. Whether it really does, or whether we just perceive that it does because we’re paying more attention to it than to the bad, I don’t know – and I think it doesn’t matter much in the end, so long as it seems that way and we ARE noticing!

  7. So many things to be grateful for. Happy for you – you notched up so very many blogging achievements. That’s always reason to rejoice.

  8. Please take care Vasantha first of all and I am glad for so many fulfilling things you achieved this month. Have a great month ahead

  9. These Gratitude posts I wait for every month to read Vasantha.. you are such a lovely soul… I thank High heavens that i met you via blogging. God bless you

  10. I think the smallest joy of life is getting appreciated for the things one does…I seriously like being appreciated…it really makes me feel proud..Happy for you that you have achieved many blogging achievements..All the best for your endevaours

  11. Thanksa tonne for this reminder! We should learn to find happiness in th smallest of things and be thankful for what we have

  12. This is a very good post! And, congratulations on your awesome achievements:)
    I’m not sure what Google Adsense really is, but I know it’s huge

  13. Grateful daily for the wonderful life God has bestowed on me, with a prayer to keep happiness in my life day after day.

  14. This is such a beautiful way to write and count our blessings. I learn so much from you. It made me felt calm when I think about the things that I am grateful for. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Priyadarshani Panda

    this is so important to be grateful…Congratulations on your accomplishments and food looks really tempting…

  16. Wow, Vasantha! So much to celebrate. Many congratulations on all the small and big milestones. Wishing you lots of success in the months ahead.

  17. Lovely post. I also so believe that the key to happiness is to be grateful for what we have. Here and now. Reading your post made me smile – happy for you and the good things happening, like with your son. Today I am grateful for a good walk- and talk with my dad in the afternoon. That my son was happy for his driving lesson going so well. And for gorgeous trees I saw..

  18. Your happiness rubbed off on me too reading this. Happy for your achievements. Did I tell you that you have a lovely smile Vasantha. Its been almost 2 years but could not be able to harness the power of adsense. If you do, I wish you to pass me the knowledge. Its great to meet old friends after so long.

  19. Lovely read and this is great idea for a blog and to be happy about the little things which will become huge milestones.

  20. Lovely lines… this is essential for a Happy life… I enjoyed reading your article dear…happy to see the grown up mithu who is obedient to his parents …. congrats to the lucky mom n dad….

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