Gentle Parenting Tips for ADHD Child

For a child with ADHD the world is a constant stream of changing images and messages.It’s difficult to focus on any one thing at a time because something new is always coming along. It’s all rather bewildering and it’s hard to keep pace. Gentle parenting tips from my experience for your ADHD child:

  • Always love your child for no reasons.
  • Accept the fact
  • Get help from family members.
  • Give more free hugs.
  • Have a planned routine to avoid stress.
  • Give good morning and good night kisses. They respond well for physical touch.
  • Share bed time stories. this may help to introduce some discipline to your child.
  • Allow them to play with fidgets to improve their performances.
  • Appreciate their little and huge effors in different forms.
  • Keep them not bored.
  • Enjoy parenting.

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1 thought on “Gentle Parenting Tips for ADHD Child”

  1. I think most of these tips are applicable to all children. “Accept the fact” might be an important step in helping our children better. Thanks for sharing your tips Vasantha.

    Welcome to #WordSante

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