7 Habits Of Highly Effective Readers

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Readers

Improve your reading skills by following these habits:

  • Depth Reading
  • Interested Reading
  • Note Taking
  • Understand 
  • Share Reading
  • Highlight Reading
  • Travel Reading

Depth Reading : Always try to read deeply. Put your heart and mind in reading. At the start, you can sit in a silent room and then read. Make reading a daily practice.

Interested Reading : Reading is Yoga. You may forget the world while reading. It gives you the ecstasy. Choose books and articles that interest you much. It may be parenting, cinema,sports,motivational or anything. Start collecting materials of your interests. Display them in your living room.

Note Taking : While reading, be slow. Keep paper and pen with you. Make notes of some important points, your views.

Understand : Pause, try to understand what you read. Correlate them with your life. Enjoy the word power of the author. Imagine the situation. Analyse the problems. Think for solutions.

Share Reading : Discuss about your reading in your friends circle. Form a Reading Club. Share books. Arrange book fairs. Visit library.

Highlight Reading : Use fluorescent highlighters to note some catchy points. This may help you in quick review. Mark with diagrams, figures, note etc.,

Travel Reading : Always keep books in your bag. While waiting, spend the time in reading. Buy traditional books. Write travel diaries and stories of yours.





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