The Untold Power Of Traveling

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It was a little incident that happened during our last vacation to South Africa. I had my hair styled at some famous saloon. There the hair stylist hit on my left eye with scissors. Thankfully, it did not affect much. At that time, my hubby got so worried as I had undergone eye surgery 4 years back. He argued with that girl. He was much tensed. This made me understand his love towards me… much more than other days. Really that incident got me more closer to him.

Sometimes it is the little incidents like these that happen that makes us closer to the ones we love. Travelling gifts us little and big experiences. It helps us understand the world and ourselves in a better way!

Ever have you wondered to understand your life? Do you know the purpose of your life? Can you easily communicate with people? And the single answer for all these questions is Travel More… Travel Often!….. By travelling more and traveling often, you can understand your life better!

Traveling keeps you unconnected

Traveling gives a break from your regular chores. Your daily routines may make you stressful and overwhelmed. By traveling, you can forget the stress for some time. You can enjoy your personal wish. Spending quality time with your family makes you refreshed and energized. Your relationship will be taken to a higher level. You can feel young by being adventurous.

When we were at Hosur, we used to travel to our native Tirunelveli every alternate weeks. We carried our food prepared at home. We had our breakfast and lunch at the roadside. Those were memorable moments being unconnected from crowded hotels and tangy fast foods. It strengthened our family bonding.

Traveling improves your thinking and mindset

By traveling to different places your knowledge and your perspective about the world widens. It’s a better way to understand humanity. You will meet many people – rich or poor, wise or foolish, kind or unkind, helpful or hatred. There would be chances to experience kindness, joy, abundance and love.

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Traveling creates sweet memories

By creating your own travel diary, you can collect sweet memories for your lifetime. You can cherish all your memories at a later stage of your life. You can tell stories to your grandchildren. Tasting new foods would be a real enjoyment. By gifting some beautiful souvenirs of a place, you can inspire your friends and relatives to travel.

Traveling with friends would be always fun. We had sweet experiences at Cheetah Park,  Helicopter Ride & Table Mountain Visit at cape Town. The whole trip was filled with joy and thrill. After our trip, we made our travel diary by pasting tickets of rides, photos, bills etc… It is something we shall cherish for years to come.

At The Top Of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

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15 thoughts on “The Untold Power Of Traveling”

  1. I love traveling, too. In fact, I earn money to keep travelling and save it to continue travelling after retirement 😉 Reading your post, I feel like packing my bags and go wherever the wind takes me. Oh well, if life was that simple 🙁

  2. I totally agree about the multiple values of travelling. It has certainly opened my eyes up to many things around the world. Nowadays, since my husband and I have both retired, we tend to travel a lot. Not all our holidays are abroad, as we do love the UK. But we try to get abroad a couple of time a year, too, It’s mostly just the two of us, but some trips away are with one or other of our six grown-up children, and/or the odd grandchild.

  3. I feel the best thing about travel is it changes mindset … the more people travel and understand different cultures, the more their thought process progresses. 🙂 The last photo is amazing.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge
    Co-host Pam’s Unconventional Alliance Team
    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  4. Oh, that hairstylist must have been quite careless! Thank god the eye wasn’t harmed or anything.

    Your post reminded me of how in India, the tradition of teerth-yatra (pilgrimage) served this important purpose of detaching oneself from the daily routines and connecting with oneself and the world around in a new way. A search for something deeper by connecting with something deeper.

  5. Corinne Rodrigues

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, Vasantha. I am completely in agreement with you about travel helping us to understand the world better.

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