Allow Them to Grow Younger – #MondayMusings #1000Speak

Allow Them to Grow Younger – #MondayMusings #1000Speak

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” Why your Amma is staying alone??? “, a haunting question always thrown on my face by many in my neighbourhood. But those who know me and my amma are having the answer for this. The regular readers of my blog know that I have two special sections in my blog for – the one who gave birth to me and the other one who I gave birth to – Amma’s Rangolis and Crafts & Mithu’s Section.

My Amma is always my inspiration. 

She always quote this ” If your compassion doesn’t include yourself then it is incomplete”. 

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The answer to that haunting question is she is staying alone purposefully. The 7 most appealing reasons behind this are :


At my home we are four. So Amma loves to be in her own nest which provide her the needed personal space and independency. By staying independent, she keeps herself always busy and finds no time for blabbering or laziness. Mithu loves to spend his play times at her house during every holiday. Always Grandmas’ houses are loaded with tons and tons of love.This is much-needed for the kids whose mom stay at their mom’s native place.

2. Confidence

She feels more confident by doing all the chores by herself. She’s able to make decisions, inspire younger generations and be a role model. By doing all her works independently, her brain functions normally in spite of her age and worries.

3. Passion

She’s very creative. She’s more interested in making art from waste. She’s going for Singing Class, Glass Painting Class & Macromi Thread Stiching Class. She finds more time for her passion. I’m really proud to share here that her singing group has released an Audio CD, where my amma has sung two solo songs.

4. Quality Time

She will never remain idle. Her day starts at 4.30 am daily. She has a beautiful garden at her house. She draws awesomely beautiful kolams ( dotted drawings ) everyday. In fact she have a fan club for her kolams. She always insists ” Kolam is my Yoga “. Spending quality time provides her happiness and joy which cannot be given by other sources.

5. Friendship

I feel extremely proud when someone tells me that spending 10 minutes with my amma relax them from stress. Actually amma is a mentor, counsellor and motivator for many in our colony. She has many friendship circles of different age, interests & hobbies. She also never fails to go on regular outings and temple visits with her friends circle. So really she’s living her life in the present moment.

6. Physically and Mentally Fit

She’s 64 by age and 16 by heart. She’s physically fit and active in spite her diabetes. She maintains her physical and mental health well. She inspires many to wear SMILE as their ornament. I could never remember a moment of complaining in her life even at some difficult and tough times. I hope that’s the positive spirit I love to inherit from her. And I’m sure compassion could be inherited. Always she spreads positive vibes in and around her.

7. Growing Younger

She’s a curious learner. She asked me to teach about Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp. But I was not that much patient or that much talented to teach her. So she learnt from Mithu within 3 days. And now she’s having fb and Gmail accounts, using whatsapp more effectively. She has decided to join for Hindi class from next month. She’s also nagging me to help her in starting her own blog. 😛

Her day starts at 4.30 am and ends at 10 pm. From last 3 years, she was forced to come to our house during nights. She will come to our house by 7.45 pm after her classes and have dinner together with me and Mithu. And will leave by 5 am, the next morning. This is her busy schedule for more than a decade. And I pray God to keep her healthy and happy as always.

” Old age is not a curse. Allow them to grow younger. Allow them to explore independently. Allow them to be happier than anytime.”

P. S : This post is only to boost the confidence of our parents and elders.

Do you allow personal space for your elders, Are your parents growing younger or do you love to add your opinions, then I’m all ears. Also feel free to share this post on social media.

” If your compassion doesn’t include yourself then it is incomplete”. 

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35 thoughts on “Allow Them to Grow Younger – #MondayMusings #1000Speak

  1. I think my mom wouldn’t even want to stay with my family. Not because she doesn’t like us but because she things we have a right on our own life and also because she is totally able by now to live and manage her life on her own. I am very proud of her!!!

  2. I actually am also at that cusp in life where I am contemplating calling my recently widowed mother come to live with us. Even though it will be a boon for me and the children to have their grandmother around – I do sometimes wonder if a woman who has lived independently all her life, like living in a completely new set up – where she’s not the boss? Let’s see – only time will tell.

  3. I’m smiling – it’s all relative, because I am almost the same age as your Amma. To me, “elderly” is my mother in law, who is in her late 80’s. I’ve seen good aging and I’ve seen bad aging. My elders were an example to me as I start to go down the path of being a young elder.

  4. Indian society, the typical attitude is, they would nag you, poke you and gossip behind your back without even trying knowing the truth. My mom-in-law doesn’t stay with us either, she was a serviceperson, a retired Government officer, very much independent in nature and refused to stay with us for some of the reasons you stated above. We have confronted (my husband and me) such questions also… I very much support this attitude of your mom and my MIL….perhaps, I’ll follow their footprints in the future… 🙂

  5. Wow! what a beautiful write up about your mom. Being self reliant makes them feel good and they don’t feel aging is a curse instead they will now enjoy simple things like taking an early morning walk or a temple visit with a friend which they never had time for before, it keeps their mind active and young which keeps them happy and healthy. Kudos to your mom for being a good role model for our generation and the younger generation !

  6. Your Amma is indeed a role model for many. I am so happy to know a few things about her through your writing. She sounds like an incredibly strong, independent and loving person. There is so much to learn from her. Thank you Vasantha for writing about her. And that quote by Jack Kornfield is great!

  7. What a beautiful post and what an amazing woman your Amma is. I lost mine about a month ago and miss her dearly. This is truly inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow! Loved knowing about your Amma. When I am her age, I am going to be like her – independent, on my own and learning 🙂 Tell your Amma that she is a role model. Would have loved to see her picture, Vasantha 🙂

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