A Room with a View

A Room with a View

Writing 101 – Day Two: A Room with a View

I was with my Guru. A spiritual Guru. We are sitting in a garden enjoying its beauty and gentle breeze. I am chatting with my Guru about so many things. We are making arguments, statements, affirmations and conclusions. Later we moved to start our yoga practice. I am sitting in Badmasana with my eyes closed. My guru is narrating the steps for my practice. His graceful sweet but firm voice takes me into a new world. Now myself and my Guru were slowly getting raised from the ground. We are flying slowly.

After some distance, we are flying high. An awesome divine instrumental music is flowing. The breeze is as soft as clouds. A sweet fragrance is surrounded everywhere. We are flying. Now i can see the garden, my town, my city all below. Slowly we are going high. Now I can see my country, my continent, my earth. Wind is flowing, music is flowing, fragrance is flowing …. Life is flowing …

Now I am flying over the planets, Universe, galaxies, super galaxies and so on. We are flying for years and years. But we feel no tiredness. We feel more active. After a long journey, we are reaching a place where I could see only a bright light. But that light is so cool. I feel ecstasy. Now nothing is flowing only but silence. But we – myself, my Guru, and the bright light are sharing many things. I am perfect and fully content now. My happiness found no boundaries. All of a sudden we all merged into the bright light. What a wonderful lifetime feeling !!!

Hey Vasantha! It’s already 5. 30 am. Are you not going to do your yoga today? I hear my amma’s voice. I am searching for her. I am wondering whether she was also flying with us. But I could not recollect anything. Again my amma raised her voice. Suddenly I was awake. Oh, it’s a dream.

But for me, its real. I am thinking about what I saw in my dream. what that dream says, whether I am going to travel to a distance place, Whether I am going to see my Guru once again recently, Whether that bright light is the Almighty God, Whether myself or somebody is going to die. all the questions remain unanswered. But the ECSTASY will remain with me forever. 

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9 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. I absolutely hate that feeling. That feeling when you are in the middle of such a good dream and someone or something wakes you up from it and you try and try to hold on to even the smallest glimmer of it with the hope that you can return to it if only the sound or person were to go away. Very nice piece.

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