A Never Ending Summer Fun

A Never Ending Summer Fun



In my teens, we all would be waiting for our summer holidays. Nearly 15 playmates would join for all fun. Our portico was a big one. So it provided shade for every action. We had so many pets in our house. Rabbits, Dog at the front side, Dove, Hen, Cow at the back side and Love Birds at the terrace.  We will be spending whole day by Bird Watching, feeding pets, playing, reading books, framing rules for our street club, drawing and painting and much more ….We had fights for reading magazines like Dinamalr – Siruvar Malar, Poonthazhir, Gokulam, Comics. Kabes, Tarzan were some of our favorites. Since my Appa had printing press, we were sufficient with drawing supplies like board, white sheets, cut sheets … Every drawing would be laminated by my Appa. My friends’ parents got excited on seeing their wards art and other works. One group would be playing games like Carom, Chess, Paramapatham ( Indian Snake and Ladder ), Business, Checkers, Ludo, Shuttle Cock, Table Tennis, Ring Ball, Lock and the Key, Crocodile … Crocodile, Color … Color .… and so on … What a wonderful days that were. My Amma would teach us some simple art and crafts, singing and dancing. There was no gender difference, economical difference, knowledge difference. Everyone was enjoying their own world. Thirsts of all was satisfied by my Amma’s tasty rose milk, masala mor, rasna. Our pets also enjoyed the loud noise made by our group. Nobody was in a mood to go back to school after vacation. Summer … Lovely Never Ending Summer ….



Now my son is also enjoying his summer holidays on his own happy style. Just five friends to play with. Mostly they will be playing cricket. They are not interested in games like Carom, Chess and Business. But they love to play Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga. Gadget kids !!! 🙂


They also enjoy with drawing, sounds and music. My son and his friends made a film Amazing Spider Man 5 last summer. They discuss mostly about Science Fiction Stories, Space Science, Cricket. Most of their time will be killed by summer classes. But I won’t put my son to any summer class. I want him to enjoy his holidays. But at home, I like to teach him some life skills like simple cooking, making laundry, gardening. Modern era kids are also enjoying their summer – never ending summer.



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