3-Day Quote Challenge – Series 3 ( Buddha Teachings ) – Day 3

3-Day Quote Challenge – Series 3 ( Buddha Teachings ) – Day 3

Oops ….It’s the last day of 3 Day Quote Challenge nominated by my friend sweet Ruchi. A tons of thanks and hugs to her. But I think there is no last day for sharing meaningful, inspirational and lovable quotes.On this day 3, I put forth a wonderful  positive quote   –

Image Credit : e-buddhism.com

This is one of my favorite quotes. Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.

Be kind to other even if they are not to you, Keep spreading love even if you don’t get it back, Be helpful even if you have no one to help you, Do not change yourself according to others, Just remember one thing it is not between you and others it is always between you and the God.

Source : http://www.coolnsmart.com/karma_quotes/

Hope you enjoyed the quote. If you would like to take this challenge, feel free to join with me ….🙂🙂🙂 You can read the rules of this challenge here. Enjoy more quotes of this challenge at :

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19 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge – Series 3 ( Buddha Teachings ) – Day 3

  1. It is hard to do so during trying times but I totally agree that we must believe in doing good, no matter our own circumstances. There should be faith that good will find its way back to us.

  2. Yes, I believe in this and quote has brought me a long way and has always a silver lining in the darker times!


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