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The twenty-sixth and the last letter to be explored in A To Z on Mindfulness For Newbies is Z. Z is for Zen Mind. 

Zen means the state of mind that is relaxed and not worrying about things that one cannot be changed. Zen Mind or Beginner’s Mind is achieved through emptying the mind from thoughts and giving attention to only one thing.


Zen Mind is achieved through emptying the mind from thoughts and giving attention to only one thing.


Zen is a path of Buddhism that focuses on awareness through the practice of meditation. It is feeling peaceful and relaxed. It concentrates on meditation rather than on studying religious writings.


A To Z 2018 Challenge - Z For zen Mind



6 Simple Ways To Develop A Zen Mind

Close your eyes

Try to remain for few seconds in a day with your eyes closed. It helps you to see you inside. Enjoy your inner beauty. And this is the first step.

One thing at a time

This world is fast-moving and only multitasking is appreciated. But multitasking actually leads to overwhelming and stressing mind. So always prefer to do single tasking – One thing at a time. If you cook, just cook. Bath, just bath. See TV, just see TV. Nothing more, nothing less, just one thing.

Count your breaths

Concentrate only on what you can control. And let go what you can not control. So the one powerful thing you can control is your breath. Practice counting breaths to stay grounded.


Take time to pause in between your busy schedules. Stop whatever you are doing. Pause. Take few deep breaths. Look outside your window. or enjoy the sounds of the chirping birds. Then continue with your work. These mini pauses will refresh and rejuvenate you. And keeps you focused. 


Be simple. Too much will make you heavy and you feel burdened. So declutter the unwanted things, emails, people both physically and mentally. Cleaning your mind is as important as cleaning your body. Declutter to clean your soul.

Be Zen always

Every action can be done in a Zen way. Set a clear and positive intention to “find Zen” in your everyday life. Think it, say it, and do it.


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 Z For Zen Mind

Mindfulness Challenge For The Day


Another useful technique is labeling. When you do meditation give labels to your thoughts. Just as thinking, sad, plan and let them float freely as clouds. Then bring back your focus on your meditation.

Think Zen

Say Zen

Do Zen


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