Blog Your Heart Away (BYHA) Blog Series Part 4: Top 9 Types Of Blog Posts That Go Viral

Welcome to Part 4 of 2-week-long blog series for newbie bloggers – “Blog Your Heart Away”

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Well, You have started your blog and published your blog posts. Are you still struggling hard as a newbie blogger to get your blog post go viral? Then this post is just for you.

Today let me explain to you Top 9 Types Of Blog Posts That Go Viral.

Blog Your Heart Away Blog Series Part 4: Top 9 Types Of Blog Posts That Go Viral

Blog For A Cause

Writing blog posts supporting for or against any social issues/cause. These posts are mostly seasonal and sensational posts. It always gets high traffic. My blog posts for a cause:

Blog Train

Many bloggers join together and post a chain of blog posts on a common theme linking to each other. The main objective of this kind of post is to get quality backlinks. It also increases the page view and thus the blog traffic. My blog train posts:

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Writing review posts for products, books, sites, and apps. These posts may be either barter (exchange of the product and no money) and paid/sponsored posts (with money). My various review posts:

Blog Series

Writing a series of blog posts on any selected topic. These are usually tutorial kind, guide kind pf posts. Each post will add value and stuff to the common topic selected. Also, these blog series will prove your knowledge and authority on that specific topic. This “Blog Your Heart Away (BYHA)” is a 10 part blog series on blogging for new bloggers. Another blog series earlier on my blog – A To Z On Mindfulness For Newbies”.

Giveaway Post

Writing posts for any contests, events, and milestones. This to celebrate any of your blogging or life wins. These kinds of posts always attract many readers. You can collaborate with any brands relevant to your niche to sponsor the giveaways/gift coupons. The giveaway post on my blog:

Roundup Post

Writing a blog post by curating the views from three or more experts on a particular topic. A single post having the views and opinions of many other experts. This will improve your SEO. This will also help to establish a good connection with fellow blogger friends. And your readers get introduced to various other experts in your niche. My previous roundup posts:

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Guest Post

Publishing articles from fellow bloggers of your niche. These posts will serve as backup posts when you are suffering from writer’s block. While choosing the author for the guest post, check and ensure their blog status. Accept only guest posts from any author having a decent Domain Authority. Guest Posts published on my blog earlier:

Featured Post

Writing posts featuring a product, event or blogger. This is not a sponsored post. Featuring your blogger friends and relatives in your blog posts. Featured posts published earlier on my blog:

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Question and answer type post of a blogger or entrepreneur. You can have a common questionnaire and get answers from different bloggers. Each blogger’s answers will be published as one post. This is best for a monthly blog post series. I have to sets of interviews – This Mom’s Life and another Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers.


This post clearly explains the various types of blog posts that go viral easily. By having a list of all these post types, you will never suffer writer’s block syndrome.

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Blog Posts That Go Viral

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  1. What a lovely idea Vasantha. I’ve got time to read after a long while and enjoyed this very useful post. Even though I’ve been blogging for years I could do with your tips . Thanks

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