The Journey So Far …

March 22, 2015 is a remarkable day in my life. Its the day that got my 100th post published in my blog as ” 7 Simple Rules To Improve Child’s Behavior “I was so thoughtful that my 100th post should be more meaningful than any other posts. I was thinking about it for last one week. Finally I was quite happy that it was a parenting article which I believed the most wanted one.

On this memorable occasion, I would like to thank the better ones who made this possible. First I thank my sister Vidhya of Vidhya’s Vegetarin Kitchen,  who inspired me a lot to start this blog. Thanks, Vidhya.

” One single step for Vasantha Vivek but a giant leap for the writer in me ….”

Next my love and gratitude is for my hubby Vivek, who supports me in my every need and deed. Most of the times, knowingly or unknowingly, 🙂  he helped me in my writing. He’s a man of few words. He gives comments only if anything is not acceptable or not meaningful. So he silently encouraged me 🙂 a lot. He brought out the poet in me. Thanks da for being with me always.

Next my biggest thanks goes to my naughty son Mithu. He always loved the way I expressed the things. I am happy that he’s also very creative in writing and expressing the things. With his consistent nagging, I started writing separate section in the name    ” Mithu’s Section “. Thanks kanna for being a lovely gift to us.

This post will go meaningless if had not mentioned my Amma. She’s very creative and a voracious learner. To encourage her,  I started a section as ” Amma’s Rangoli’s and Crafts “. Words cannot express my gratitude towards you, amma. Simply I can only say ”  I Love You, Amma “.

I would like to thank my sister Viji and my brother Mani for supporting and encouraging me by giving comments and feedback.

Also my sincere thanks goes to all my relatives, fellow bloggers, blogger friends, guest post writers, followers and everyone. I would also like to thank WordPress for inspiring me and for being my voice.

Yes, miles to go ….

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