Protecting The Roots Of Existence By Saving The Trees – #WATWB

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Protecting The Roots Of Existence By Saving The Trees


Is there anybody who doesn’t love trees? I doubt this. I love trees as I love myself. But in today’s scenario trees are being cur for a variety of reasons that lead to many environmental disasters. So saving the trees is saving a life for our future generations.

“If I knew I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today.”
– Stephen Girard


Subash Srinivasan is strongly believing that trees get when they were hammered with nails or sharp objects. Subash Srinivasan, a head constable attached to the in-service police training center here, has taken up the Herculean task of removing nails from trees in his ‘save tree mission’.

Subhash Srinivasan The Trees
Image Courtesy: TopBollyNews

Whenever he sees a tree being nailed or hammered, he thinks that the tree is deeply wounded and crying for help. He also cries on seeing those trees crying. Trees having commercial ads, advertisement boards or signboards always disturb his heart and mind. So Subash Srinivasan started his mission of saving the trees two years back.  

After closely observing that roadsides trees being hurt, he decided to save the trees of nails and hammers. He used to spend two hours daily in the morning and evening to remove nails from the trees. He’s continuing this kindness deed still today even after his hectic public service work.

Protecting The Roots Of Existence By Saving The Trees - #WATWB

Subash’s son Subash Sethupathy who’s a teen boy has also joined hands with his dad and helping for his ‘save tree mission’. They inspire many other youths too to follow their path. May God bless them for this noble act.

Do you know any such initiative to save the trees? What do you love about trees and nature? Share your thoughts with us ……. Let us celebrate the kindness around us … If you love #WATWB, you can also join us here.

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14 thoughts on “Protecting The Roots Of Existence By Saving The Trees – #WATWB”

  1. Trees provide oxygen and are so important for the environment! Subash Srinivasan is doing a great service, as more and more trees are being cut down in the name of “progress”.

  2. Subash is a true example of empathy and compassion. His mission to save trees is so noble and novel. More power to him. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story and joing us for this edition of #WATWB, Vasantha!

  3. Subash Srinivasan truly is a hero. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my deep love for trees. You ask what do we love about trees and nature? So many things. Trees teach us patience, strength, and to be still and just listen. Trees provide shade from the hot sun. Many of them drop their leaves in winter letting the sun in. This, and the grand design of trees taking in carbon dioxide (which we exhale) and giving us oxygen (which we inhale) demonstrates the wonder of creation which we are only part of. My hope and wish is that more people will come to understand how extremely important and sacred our natural world is. Thank you for posting this and for caring about trees.

  4. Hi Vasantha – what an amazing idea … to travel the streets taking nails out of trees … yes I’m sure they’re damaged and at least can have a chance to heal. Fabulous that his son is joining him in this quest – loved reading about it – thank you for letting us know – cheers Hilary

  5. What a compassionate man, and great role model for his son; how great that they’re putting their actions where there hearts are. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story, Vasantha!

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