Planning A Car Trip With Baby On Board : Guest Post By Deborah Tayloe

Do you enjoy the trip with baby? Today we have Deborah Tayloe with us. I got introduced to her through her email request for a guest post. Thanks Deborah for reaching out to me for this guest post. 


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Planning a car trip with your baby on board is a challenge! As you are planning this trip, you’ll need to become a maestro. You will skillfully conduct each piece of the planning with precision and care. You will build the preparations just a little at a time until you create a masterpiece of a carefully orchestrated car trip.

It’s not easy to travel with your children, but it’s also not impossible! In fact, because babies sleep so frequently, they can be easier to manage than toddlers. However, they need to stop for feeding and changing, presenting a very different challenge.

Here are a few tips on how to put this car trip together – Planning A Car Trip With Baby On Board


Planning A Car Trip With Baby On Board


Plan Reservations Ahead

There’s nothing worse than anticipating a vacation, only to find out that you can’t find a hotel room or rent a car!

It sounds like simple advice, but begin to plan well ahead of your trip. Make car and hotel reservations as early as possible. Early planning will often get you deals like early bird discounts.

In addition, check with the hotel about the availability of a crib. Most hotels have a limited number of cribs available, so it’s smart to call dibs on one early!


Get Your Car Serviced

A couple of weeks before your car trip, take your car to get it checked over professionally. Have all fluids checked and topped off? Get the oil changed. Ask them to check over the tires for wear and have them filled to the proper air pressure.

Doing this two weeks early will allow for any repairs if needed.  It’s a good practice to do this before any road trip but imperative when your children are along for the ride!


Safety Equipment Inside The Car

The day before you leave for your trip, check the baby safety equipment inside the car.

Make sure that you have properly installed baby restraints in the back seat of the car. A car seat for baby and booster seat for any toddler in the car is a must-have. Also, make sure that seatbelts are available for older children who don’t need a car seat or booster.


Entertainment For Children In The Car

Because you will be driving, plan for your children to entertain themselves!

Young babies will, undoubtedly, sleep most of the way. For older tots, pack a few favorite toys for your children to keep in the car. Younger children love hand-held games, books, and stuffed animals or dolls.

If your car has a DVD player, pack some favorite movies to keep them entertained. Don’t forget to load your i-tunes with age-appropriate music to sing along to during the journey.


Snack Time

Packing snacks at home and bringing them in a cooler is a great way to save money and also offer healthier food options. Pack finger foods, fruits, juice, and veggies for toddlers and older children.

For babies, keep bottles prepped and in the cooler. Most convenience stores have a microwave. If you ask, most don’t mind at all if you heat up some formula!  This is especially true if you are purchasing their expensive gasoline from them.

Keep feeding supplies, napkins, hand sanitizer, moist towelettes, and a little trash bag in a handy location. If you are traveling longer than 4 or 5 hours, you will definitely need these items.


Packing The Children’s Clothing

One thing that has always amazed me is how one tiny little person can need to take up so much suitcase space!  Of course, you can only take with you what will fit into the car. It’s a dilemma!

If your baby needs to change outfits three times a day, plan for that. Baby doesn’t know the difference between the convenience of home or inconvenience of the car!

Plan all the outfits for the trip and save space and time by rolling the outfits, with the socks, hats, and onesies all rolled inside each outfit so that everything is bundled together. The rolling will also take less space and make clothes less wrinkly.

If you have a small car, you can also take along detergent and run a load of washing one evening so you can pack fewer clothes.


Other Necessities

Think of anything else you may need. These can include medications, a stroller, a bottle warmer, extra toys, bathing items, etc. Bring as small a quantity of these as possible, but don’t forget anything important!


Pack Your Own Things

I can’t tell you how many times I left home in flip-flops after packing everybody else! To arrive at a destination with a lot of walking with no tennis shoes is no fun at all! Remember to take time out to take care to pack your own things as carefully as you do for everyone else!





With proper planning, you really can take your baby on a car trip. You may find that it’s a bit of a challenge at first. But like all things, good planning will make your trip harmonious.

Do you love to travel with your kids? What tips do you use while traveling with your kids? Please share with us ….. We are very eager to hear you ……


Author’s Bio

Deborah Tayole


Deborah Tayloe is a freelance writer and contributor to My Baby Adviser. She lives in North Carolina, USA. Her daughter is 16 but still brings a lot of things along in the car!


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