My Participation In Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words Challenge – Day 3 Of #BarAThon

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I have to start this post with a note of one good thing and one bad thing that happened last weekend. First, let me share the food thing. Felt motivating to receive this fantastic writing journal from Blogchatter and Thathya for my successful completion of A To Z Challenge.



The second thing to share with you, I missed posting my Day 3 post for the #BarAThon challenge on the specified date. And I just accepted this since I have to spend my time in attending some unexpected and unplanned family thing. So this is my Day 3 post – My Participation In Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words.


My Participation In Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words


A big thanks go to my best blogger buddy Anamika for introducing me to Write Tribe, the logging community that is challenging me to write bravely. You might have gathered all the details about Write Tribes’s festival Of Words from my previous post.

I participated in #WTFOW for the first time during August 2017. And I am so happy that I completed the challenge most successfully in the first time itself. The community love I enjoyed during the challenge was overwhelming. Here you can enjoy reading some of my posts for #WTFOW ……



I had a great time doing this #WTFOW. Really my blog and SM stats went high after doing this challenge.


My Paricipation in #WTFOW Challenge

Hope you find this information valuable. Have you ever participated in Write Tribe’s Festival Of Words Blogging Challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments……. 


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