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12 Fun Indoor Activities For Preschoolers During Monsoon – #Monsoonblogging

Monsoon is here and it’s raining everywhere. As promised, here goes our #Monsoonblogging post. Rain is Nature’s gift to mankind. Rain indicates flourishing. It the right season for farmers. Plants grow well with the pour of rain. The climate will be cool and dust free. 


Monsoon Rains
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All these are enjoyable to some extent only. And if you are a mom of toddlers or preschoolers, then not to mention how difficult is to engage them at home. Due to the fear of infection and seasonal diseases, it’s hard to allow them outside during rain. But staying inside for a long makes them bored and irritated. So here are some Fun Indoor Activities  During Monsoon to bust out the boredom and keep your kids engaged. 

Pretend Play

You can pretend like an animal and ask them to guess. You can also pretend like a person in your family and ask them to try who is it? Also is there any kids who don’t love super heroes and barbies? So put on their super hero dresses and make them act like him or her.

Pretend Play
Mithu As Spider Man


Kids love drawing and painting. So give them some blank sheets, color pencils or sketches. And encourage them to draw and paint creatively and at free hand. Vegetable painting, Finger Painting, Stone Painting and Free Hand Drawing are some of the fun painting activities for the toddlers and preschoolers. You can also frame them after completion. It helps in the development of their creativity. 

Kids Painting
Mess With The Paints

Silly Songs

Use your kitchen utensils, waste shoe boxes, strings and sticks to compose your own music. Also you can sing some silly songs with your kids. This activity can bring out the hidden talents of your kids.

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Dance It Out

Arrange a dance party with your kids by playing some favorite rocking music. You can also dance with them. Kids love dancing and it’s a great physical activity to utilize their high energy.


Home Dance Party
Home Dance Party

Read Aloud

Collect some colorful, interesting picture books. Read them with your kids. This helps you in raising a reading child at its younger age.

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Story Fun

Rains will make kids lazy. So you can tell them stories. Be creative and funny in telling the stories. You can make sounds, you can act the scenes or you can draw pictures from the story. Be more imaginative and encouraging to keep your kids interested. Stories will take them into another magical world to explore.

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Movie / Cartoon Marathon

To beat the chilliness, you can plan for a movie or cartoon marathon with your kids.You can ask your kids about their favorite movies / cartoons to watch during free times and make a list. Mostly you could prefer comedy, funny movies / cartoons to enjoy. Then go on watching the movies / cartoons by cuddling your kids covered with warm blankets on your sofa. Enjoy with home-made pop corns and fritters.

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Puppet Show

Give life to all their soft toys. Play a puppet show for them. You can also use the left out single socks, old dresses and toys for this. Your kids could also join with you in the play.


Danny, My Friend
Danny, My Friend

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Obstacle Course

You can use the furniture and materials in your house to set up an obstacle course. Ask your kids to run through it and reward with scores and gifts. This makes them grow stronger in facing the future obstacles in their life.

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Hide & Seek

You can play hide and seek with your kids. Ask them to hide themselves around your house and you can find them out. This can be reversed in turns. But this should be played only under the supervision of elders. You can also include the toys of your kids in the game. You can hide the Barbie Doll and ask them to find it out.

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Create Shapes

You can use playing cards to build towers. You can also use any toys, LEGO blocks, building blocks and create any shapes out of it. Be crazy in building the shapes to make it more fun.


Robot Made With Playing Cards
Robot Made With Playing Cards

Dress Up Show

Give them some old dresses. You can use their dresses, your’s and papa’s too. Don’t forget to give them old shoes, socks, ties, dupatta and belts. Ask them to dress up. This can be done with a timer for one minute. Really it’s going to be an uncontrolled laughter session.

Dress Up Fun
Dress Up Fun


Hope these indoor activities are entertaining and will be a learning experience for your toddlers,  preschoolers and kids.`

Do you have any rain at your place? Do you love monsoon? How do keep your kids engaged during monsoon? What are other activities you love to do with your kids during this monsoon?  We’d love to hear about it! Please share with us …… We are all ears.

Happy Monsoon !!!

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64 thoughts on “12 Fun Indoor Activities For Preschoolers During Monsoon – #Monsoonblogging”

  1. The pictures are adorable and I love your ideas. We’ve tried out some of these like the obstacle course and dressing up. They were such hits when the children were younger. A movie marathon remains a favourite till date.

  2. This is a super fun post .Monsoon activities are important since outdoor is all wet !We do a lot if painting and story telling .

  3. Those are some fun activities you have shared, dear! I must admit finger painting is something I quite enjoy doing, too. 😉

  4. it is really funny and lovely ideas… I like that dress up idea ,Will implicate soon on my son… We (me and my son) used to sing, dance, play hide and seek ,story telling,etc when at home..

  5. Indeed its so difficult to keep toddlers engage and inside the home. You have elaborated andexplain so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  6. All these indoor activities are really so entertaining, dress up show idea I like most. The dance party picture is so adorable. thanks for this entertaining and fun ideas. It will work for me 🙂

  7. Minakshi Bajpai

    These are some great options, looks like this post is written for me. Hide and seek and puppet both are super fun games which i am sure my kids are going to enjoy.

  8. Pretend and play and hide and seek is something my Lil one enjoys the most…. Lived your compilation of indoor games during monsoon. Great help

  9. Minakshi bajpai

    Wow you tell us so many indoor activities ideas for kidos. specially in rains there is need to keep them indoor but they too get bored easily. But these ideas will help to entertain them indoor

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