Making Motherhood Easier And Happier – 6 Simple Tricks To Achieve It : Guest Post By Zowie Ashton


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How To Make Motherhood Easier And Happier – 6 Simple Tricks To Achieve It. Today we have Zowie Ashton with us. We got introduced through her email request for a guest post. Thanks, Zowie for reaching out to me for this guest post. 

When a woman gets pregnant, one of the most important things she does is planning for the little one’s arrival. Many women do it with a detailed research, gather precious information from their mother and grandmothers, read a number of books, etc. Here I will share with you, a couple of tips for an easier and happier motherhood. You only need to make some small changes to your day-to-day life.
Here it goes, Making Motherhood Easier And Happier – 6 Simple Tricks To Achieve It …..
Happier & Easier Motherhood


Making Motherhood Easier And Happier – 6 Simple Tricks To Achieve It

Create A Daily Rhythm 

As it pertains to motherhood, schedules and routines play a key role. Ever since my first kid was born, I have been aiming at setting clear routine which I follow. When it comes to keeping a home, a schedule with daily duties has become my lifeline. It is so much easier to plan your day. Having such to-do list to follow helps me manage my time a whole lot better. When my own joy is concerned, I try to make sure that specific things are done on specific days over the course of the week. You will be impressed with how some little changes in your daily life can make it all easier for you. You will even have more free time to play with your little ones, and maybe even take a nap.

Include Imaginative Plays

As a mother, you have so much on your plate, and while doing the household cleaning chores or putting some makeup, may appear to be forbidden for kids, in fact, it does not have to be this way. For example, when I wash the dishes or prepare the breakfast, I allow my son to play pretend a chief (without using the electric appliances, of course). He loves making a cereal on his own while I wash the dishes. On the other hand, when I do my makeup, my other kid (a pretty young lady) is allowed to play with safer tools. This way, I can spend more time with my children without me having to neglect my daily routine. The same “tricks” can go for sweeping the floor or folding the clothes. Kids should be included in the chores, too! 

Be Gentle

Children will be children. When your little ones act out at home or in the market, try not to humiliate them. Be gentle and communicate more with them. Our kids are so much smarter than we think they are, and by paying attention to their emotions, your kids and you will be happier. 
Happier And Easier Motherhood

Get The Baby To Sleep

Try letting the little one put themselves to sleep. When you have fed them and changed their diapers, lay them in the crib. Do not stay in the room till they fall asleep. While the kid is asleep, you can benefit from it and do some chores or just sit back and relax. Teaching kids to sleep on their own will make everyone in the house calmer and happier.

Seek Help

Accepting help from friends or family members does not make you a bad mother. If someone offers to do the cleaning or go to the store for you, allow them. You will see that such acts of kindness are a lifesaver, especially if you have not slept for ages. 

Involve Your Kids In The Chores

Your life as a mother is busy enough and sometimes it is very hard to do everything around your home. To balance between motherhood and home care, involve your kids in doing the domestic chores like cleaning. Even it may sound a little bit strange, kids as young as 2 years old can be given chores. The tasks, of course, have to be simpler and age-appropriate like cleaning up after themselves after a meal, putting the dirty clothes away and more. When the kids are older, they can do chores which require more efforts. Let your kids help you with washing the dishes, folding the laundry or sweeping the floors.

Do you love to be a happier mother to your kids? What tips do you use for making your motherhood easier and happier? Please share with us ….. We are very eager to hear you ……


Author’s Bio


Zowie Ashton is a busy mother – she runs a small cleaning company based in London. Balancing between work and family can be exhausting, but this busy life makes her very happy.



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33 thoughts on “Making Motherhood Easier And Happier – 6 Simple Tricks To Achieve It : Guest Post By Zowie Ashton”

  1. A mommie of 4.5 yrs and 8 months here.. these are such useful tips for new mommies. People refer to me as a seasoned mom for my 2nd baby but to tell you honestly.. these tips are such a blessing for even me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a mother of twins I see the wisdom in these suggestions. Having a routine is what kept me sane when the children were infants as also asking for and accepting all the help I could get.

  3. To me keeping deadlines for myself works well. If I have a list of things you do, then I prefer making a list and then start with most important first. In the USA, we don’t get household help so those duties are also added to our daily chores. Setting simple targets and moving towards them helps me a lot.

  4. Those are great tips for new mothers. I agree about creating a routine, that helps a LOT. Also seeking help/support from family and friends when you are at the end of your tether is important!

  5. Its a good list to avoid post-delivery depression. My experience was not so good. It was a proud moment but I spent sleepless nights for 3 long moths and my mother too. Wish this post will help all the new mums.

  6. Some great tips Zowie! I think it’s important to involve kids in chores form the start!
    And yes, taking help is needed to.

  7. That’s great information! You have put lots of efforts into preparing this wonderful material! It helps lots of people! Useful information. I am very happy to read this. Thanks for giving us this useful information.

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