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Once again I was MIA. I was a little bit busy for the last five months. I know gratitude is the key to my happiness. So I never failed to find my happiness in little things during last month also. Here is my Happiness List For August ’19 …..

Finding My Happiness In Little Things

Personal Life

Hubby took one week leave for his office. So had a great time bombarding him food attack. But he really enjoyed every item I prepared for him. Spoke to my school friends after 30 years gap. went to Mithu’s school and was delighted to hear about good words shared by his teachers. Eagerly awaiting for the statue opening ceremony of my father in law. Finding my happiness in little appreciation.

Temple Visits & Poojas

We had special poojas and darshan at Sri Essaki Amman Temple and Peratchi Amman Temple. These are our favorite temples. Both the Ambals are so powerful. Finding my happiness in prayers and poojas.

School Friends Reunion

Very very happy and brimming with thankfulness for attending our school reunion after 30 years of our schooling.  I really thank my hubby for insisting me to attend this. Or otherwise, I could have missed so much fun. Really appreciate the efforts took by my friends Prabhu and Thomas for arranging this reunion. Finding my joy in fun and laughter.


Loving Gifts From My Hubby 

Can’t express my joy on receiving these cute Golu, Radhe Krishna Painting and Sri Chakra from my hubby. He always selects the best gifts for me. They are so wonderful for my collections. Finding the joy in loving gifts.


Celebrations At Our Home

We celebrated Aadi Amavasai, Aadi Iruthi, and my most favorite Krishna Jeyanthi. This time my hubby was also present for celebrating Krishna Jeyanthi. So it was a great heartwarming celebration. Finding my inner peace through chanting and celebrations.


Blogging And Entrepreneur Journey

Though I have not blogged last month, my blog had quite good traffic thanks to Pinterest and Buffer. My hubby gifted me with a blue tooth headphone. My Facebook group “Blog To Biz Mastermind” exclusive for my subscribers is growing fast. Though some fellow bloggers still continue to pull my legs. I know my own strength and weakness. And my journey as a solopreneur is moving smooth. Finding my passion for helping others. 

Social Media Updates

My Instagram and Pinterest profiles were also on its fluctuations. And I was not worried since I know major changes are happening in both the platforms. Hosted an Insta Challenge – #vivisphoneaday challenge. Got the chance to talk with many friends and family members for this challenge.

Finding Happiness In Little Things #happiness #mysweetnothings

How was your August? How do you like to express your happiness? Do share with us … Happy September 2019 to all!!!


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Featured & Pinnable Image Courtesy: Canva & Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash


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4 thoughts on “Finding My Happiness In Little Things – #GratitudeCircleBlogHop”

  1. So nice to have your Hubby celebrate your festivals with you. I know how fulfilling it is to have your loved ones share your happy moments. ANd meeting school friends can be daunting but after you actually talk to one another, you realise how unfounded your fears were. Hope September gives you more happy moments to cherish.

  2. Glad to see the month of August was awesome and fulfilling for you and September was too. Wishing loads of extraordinary things with the festive season unfurling, ringing in happiness and wealth.

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