Featured Health Post – Drinking Water the right way!!!

Drinking Water the right way!!!

Water is a basic need of life. It gives us a lot of benefits but it is also important that it should be consumed the right way.

Some important rules to remember:

  1. Always drink water at body temperature i.e. warm water at about 37 deg C. Never drink cold water.
  2. Drink at least two big glasses of water in the morning as soon as you wake-up. Make sure that you do not waste your saliva. Drink the water slowly i.e. sip by sip making sure that saliva present in your mouth goes in your stomach with every sip of water.
  3. Never drink water before taking your meal. There should be a gap of at least 48 minutes between your water intake and your meal.
  4. Avoid water intake during your meal. If your food gets stuck in your throat, you can take one or two sip of water to relieve your self.
  5. You can take one to two sip of water during your meal when you exchange your grain. For example if you are eating roti (chappatis or bread) and want to have rice after your roti, you must drink some water.
  6. Never drink water after your meal. There should be a gap of at least 90 minutes between your meal and your water intake.
  7. Never drink water when you are standing. You should sit and enjoy water by taking it sip by sip.
  8. It is always recommended to have some water before you go to your bed at night.


So you decided to drink water the right way !!! Share your tips for getting the necessary water intake in a day.

This post originally posted in Gharkepakwan. This post is also the author’s own opinion.

Thanks Parul for sharing your health post.


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11 thoughts on “Featured Health Post – Drinking Water the right way!!!”

  1. Drinking water the right way is so very important. Earlier my water intake was pretty low, but have changed that now. I usually drink warm water and that is considered to be good for health and skin.

  2. Doctors tell me I drink a lot of water.. and ask me to reduce it to 2 liters maximum three. 🙂 Thank you for the tips Vasantha

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