eBook Review : Midnight Musings By Romila

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eBook Review: Midnight Musings – Collection of 26 Haiku By Romila


Title: Midnight Musings

Author: Romilaa of Novemberschild

Designer:  Romila

Series: eBook

Genre: Haiku

Publishers: Self Published in April 2018

Length of the book: 22 pages

Book Type: eBook

Language: English

Recommended Age Group: 18+


Source: Soft copy sent by the author for review.


Midnight Musings - Collection of 26 Haiku By Romila


Blurb About The Book: This E-book has 26 Haikus on various topics. A Haiku (high-koo) is a short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets about 400 years ago. They are often inspired by nature, a moment of beauty, or poignant experience. Since the introduction of Haiku to the west in the early years of the 20th century, Haiku has influenced the literature of many countries to a great extent.

Romila says, in terms of feeling like I’ve REALLY accomplished and completed something, Haiku for me tops the list. It’s poetry of simple art form but has meaningful expression.


My Review 


This book is a collection of 26 Haikus written for 2018 A to Z Challenge. This is her fourth ebook. I feel lucky that I reviewed Roma’s second eBook – “The Three Flowers” and interviewed her as the first cool blogger for our Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers series. She’s a sweet friend of mine and go to friend for blogging help. She has been already familiar to our readers through her guest post, her blog success mantra, and her love for her mom. So this review gave me another chance to be in her closest memories.

I always love haikus as they are short yet packed with more thoughts. So this book attracted me a lot. You can read this book anytime like traveling, waiting and at your free time. All haikus spoke the heart of the author. Among the 26, my favorites are Different – it’s different, Hot – hot and yummy, Nature – brings a smile to your lips, Quick – life lesson, Soul – love and lust, and Ying – Me and my hubbyA glimpse of a haiku entitled Quick ……



For life on earth
Death is inevitable
Make life last long not quick

– Romila



In A Nutshell: Excellent ebook with an open heart expression of the author with boldness and warmth of love.

My Rating: 5 / 5

Purchase Link: Amazon

About The Author: She is a lover of literature who is passionate about books, writing is my forte. She’s an impulsive poetess and a coffee addict. She loves coloring and music. Always armed with a pen, she’s ever ready to leap into the world of creativity. She was born, brought up and educated in Delhi and at the moment She lives in Hyderabad with her parents. She’s an award-winning Writer, famous veteran Blogger, Author of 5 EBooks, Editor of lifestyle e-zine and a Columnist who has been in the literary ring since 1996.

She has been featured in Paycheck India –IIM (Ahmedabad) Project, Baggout, The Directory of Best Indian Blogs, GeekPost, Buzz Magazine, Speaking Tree (Times of India), Brutally Honest, Blogchatter, WritersMelon, Money Control, Writers Conclave and Mumbai Matters. She likes to travel, talk, express and spread happiness. When she’s not writing or reading, she watches movies, sleep, tweet or think of honing my culinary skills. You can contact her on Twitter @romspeaks.



Connect With The Author: @romspeaks.


Best Wishes To You, Dear Romila for more and more successes !!!


Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored/paid post. It’s an honest review in exchange for abundant love and friendship. But this review is purely my personal opinion.


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14 thoughts on “eBook Review : Midnight Musings By Romila”

  1. I love haikus. you can say so much in so few words. Not an easy write but intensely satisfying. This post has inspired me to start haiku-ing again.

  2. How I wish I was able to understand Haikus. 🙁 But I know that it is such an amazing form of creativity. Good to know Romila published a book. Thanks for sharing the review.

    1. They are like passwords to an entire story..deceptively short, but each time you read it, a different meaning emerges depending on your thoughts at that point in time.

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