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With this “Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers” series,  I feel extremely happy to feature another awesome and friendly blogger Deepa Gandhi of Kreativemommy. Deepa is a postgraduate in Foods and Nutrition, who also went on to complete her M.Phil. A freelance dietitian, she loves dancing and writing. She strongly believes in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”.

Today I am very much delighted and honored to feature my best friend Deepa to our readers. I take this as an opportunity to learn many innovative blogging strategies from her through this chill chat.

We had our chill chat to know more about her successful blogging journey and her fun side too. Carry on to enjoy her words of blogging wisdom.

Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Deepa Gandhi


Cool Blogger Deepa Gandhi

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Hello, Deepa! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Deepa: A dietitian by education, blogger by passion, a mommy of two girls. I am sharing all my experiences through my creative eyes as a blogger. Writing on topics  Follow her on her blog to read about her thoughts and ideas on everything about life. It is a one place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, traveling, parenting, and everything life.

Q1.An ever since moment in your blogger life or your turning point in blogging.

DeepaI think the biggest turning point was when I decided to start my own self-hosted blog two years back. There have been a great many moments since I started kreativemommy especially when it is featured or gets awards. I would say the turning point in blogging is still to come for me and waiting for that eagerly as I know it’s just around the corner. 

Q2. Your definition of blog success.

DeepaBlog success depends on a lot of factors but top 3 according to me are –

  • Being consistent
  • Patience
  • Hard work

You should remember that there is no shortcut to success. Be a learner and hard work always pays.

Q3. Your top 2 regular practices that have helped you in blogging.

DeepaWriting 2-3 times a week and learning on the go. I feel one should keep their mind open to learning and see everything as an opportunity and be ready to learn.

Q4. Your motivational factor for your best blog.

Deepa: I love writing about nutrition and healthy eating. My most popular blog post is a paneer roll recipe for the school lunch box. So, this post motivated me to write and publish more posts related to healthy food for kids.

Q5. One relationship who contributed to making your blog.

Deepa: I am thankful to my husband for his constant encouragement and belief in me. Also, listening to my ideas, giving advice and suggestions and also helping me to try new things.


“Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”.

– Deepa Gandhi

Q6. One factor, out of your comfort zone in blogging.

Deepa: No such thing.

Q7. A book / movie / person / blog that transformed you.

Deepa: One book which helped me in many ways is Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is a self-help book which has some inspirational insights and can really help you see life from a different perspective.

Q8. Your strength and weakness as a blogger.


Strength – Patience and consistency, 

Weakness – Time management (Working on it).

Q9. One principle you are proud of.

Deepa: I am proud of the fact that I started my blog single-handedly without any previous knowledge of it. Being a non-technical person, I got it till here and the main principle is the hard work and there is no shortcut to it.

Q10. Blogging tips to share with your readers.

Deepa: As I said earlier,

  • Be consistent.
  • Write regularly.
  • Connect with other bloggers.
  • Be open-minded to learning.
  • Last but not least, it’s not only important to write good content but sell good content. So, make sure you promote your blog on different mediums.


Cool Blogger Deepa Gandhi Interview

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Best Dream – I am slowly inching towards my best dream

Best Food – Rajma Chawal

Best Book – The Secret and Kite Runner

Best TV Series – Friends

Best Life Motto – If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney

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Thanks again Deepa for this awesome interview. You never failed to make me inspired and this interview is the perfect highlight. We feel proud to have you as our Featured Cool Blogger.

Dear readers, please leave your queries, if any, in the comment section and we will try to get them answered by her.

Meet you at next chill chat with another cool blogger !!!

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