Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu – #C3B #MyFriendAlexa


With this “Chill Chat With Cool Bloggers” series,  I feel extremely happy to feature a versatile and a veteran blogger Mayuri Nidigallu of Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine. She loves to call herself as a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a Writer by design. She blogs about Cooking, Travel, Blogging Tips and Reviews. Her “thehusbandchronicles” are my favorites. 

She’s a very experienced blogger in this blogosphere for nearly 14 years.  She has authored an ebook named 26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me.”

Today I am very much delighted and honored to feature my best friend Mayuri to our readers. I take this as an opportunity to learn many innovative blogging strategies from her through this chill chat.

We had our chill chat to know more about her successful blogging journey and her fun side too. Carry on to enjoy her words of blogging wisdom.


Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu


 Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu
Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu

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Hello, Mayuri! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Mayuri: A writer by design. Since I am already aware of what the future holds, I enjoy unwrapping the present.

I have been blogging for 14 years now. In 2016, I merged all of my 8 different blogs to form Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine. I devour books, and I am an avid movie watcher. I hope to span the globe through my travels. I believe life is simple, it is we who complicate it.

Q1.An ever since moment in your blogger life or your turning point in blogging.

MayuriI became a serious blogger after I turned my blog into a self-hosted one. Before which, I used to blog for fun. Going to self-hosted conferred a sense of responsibility and made me a professional blogger.

Q2. Your definition of blog success.

MayuriWhen readers tell you that they look forward to your posts, or when someone tells you how reading a particular post made a difference. These instances make you feel your blog is a success.

Q3. Your top 2 regular practices that have helped you in blogging.

MayuriI have set a schedule of blogging at least 2, and preferably 3, times a week. Publicising my posts on Social Media is another. These are the top 2 regular practices that have helped me.

Q4. Your motivational factor for your best blog.

MayuriI just keep upping the bar for.

Q5. One relationship who contributed to making your blog.

Mayuri: My relationship with words. The joy of writing, and being read.

Q6. One factor, out of your comfort zone in blogging.

MayuriI am a tech-duh. All thumbs when it comes to the tech part of blogging. However, I am teaching myself and learning from friends and trying to get better at it. I still suck at it all though.

Q7. A book / movie / person / blog that transformed you.

Mayuri: Clinched as it may sound, reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was a turning point in my life.

Q8. Your strength and weakness as a blogger.

MayuriAs a blogger, my strength is my writing. My lack of tech knowledge works as a weakness.

Q9. One principle you are proud of.

Mayuri:  I love helping my fellow bloggers, and others.

Q10. Blogging tips to share with your readers.

Mayuri: Thank you for reading me. When you read a post, do share your thoughts on it in the form of comments, or a personal note to the blogger. You have no idea how much it means.


Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu - #C3B
Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu – #C3B

Bullet Questions 

Best Blog  – Mine

Best Blogger Friend – Deepa Gandhi

Best Dream – Reality

Best Food – Desserts

Best Book – All

Best TV Series – Blacklist

Best Life Motto – Shut Up


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Thanks much Mayuri for this awesome interview. You never failed to make me inspired and this interview is the perfect highlight. We feel proud to have you as our Featured Cool Blogger.

Dear readers, please leave your queries, if any, in the comment section and we will try to get them answered by her.


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16 thoughts on “Chill Chat With Cool Blogger Ms. Mayuri Nidigallu – #C3B #MyFriendAlexa”

  1. An interesting interview of Mayuri and sharing her blogging tips which is very helpful. Always good to see the side of the persona behind the pen. Love the tagline of having a relationship with words. Well done, Vasantha.

  2. I enjoyed reading this interview. I am biased because I have a lot of affection for Mayuri. Though I met her only a few times, I just vibed well with her. There is a warmth and camaraderie that I connect with in her. She is a prolific writer and I enjoy reading her posts that straddle so many domains. So good to know more about your blogging journey, Mayuri.

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